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Randy J. Hunt is Creative Director at Etsy, where he leads a team of designers creating the end-to-end experience, both online and off. Etsy is a global commerce platform empowering independent creative business in nearly every country in the world. In 2013, Etsy enabled over $1.3 billion dollars in sales by the Etsy community. Etsy was honored with the National Design Award in 2014. Hunt feels strongly that designers must be able to build what they design, a perspective that fits naturally with Etsy’s culture of making and the love of craftsmanship. Hunt co-founded Supermarket, a curated design marketplace. Previously, he founded Citizen Scholar Inc. and worked at Milton Glaser Inc. and Number 17. He writes and lectures about design and has been a visiting designer and critic at many colleges and universities. Hunt received his MFA in Design from the School of Visual Arts.


What Seat? What Table?

Tuesday, May 5 • 4:15 – 5:00pm

In this honest, open presentation, Randy J. Hunt will question the premise that designers should have a seat at the proverbial table. Then, he'll share with you his positive experience being at one.

3 Main Take- Aways:
  1. What we mean when we say designers should have a seat at the table.
  2. What we do once we get there.
  3. Any table can be "the table."