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Nish Patel is the CEO of ConceptShare, a Creative Operations platform that helps marketing and creative services teams work together to deliver approved assets on time. He has spoken to dozens of audiences large and small on the productivity and cost benefits of applying a supply chain approach to how marketing assets are produced. Nish is passionate on how to use process, data and analysis to continuously optimize how creative work gets done. Based in Canada, Nish enjoys building igloos, finding inventive ways to use maple syrup, and aggressively competing for Canada’s Most Polite.


Agency Operations: A Review & Approval Supply Chain Case Study

Tuesday, May 5 • 7:45 – 8:45am

Review and approval is both a critical stage and the Achilles heel of Work In Progress (WIP). Often the victim of unnecessary revisions, idle time waiting on feedback, and other productivity killers. Leading to delays, cost increases and margin erosion.

A supply chain approach is the solution being championed by a growing number of agency operations teams - where they can measure every step of the process, identify bottlenecks, best practices, and other opportunities to improve the review and approval process.

With this supply chain approach, agency operations teams are achieving significant improvements:
  • Increasing the number of assets delivered on time
  • Decreasing their cost per asset (i.e. increasing margin)
  • Increasing client satisfaction

Hear how agencies are achieving these and other operation benefits.