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Christopher Cashdollar is a multidisciplinary-trained graphic designer and the principal of Cashdollar Design, a Philadelphia-based design strategy consultancy. For over 15 years, Chris has helped clients such as Ben & Jerry’s, Harvard University, Viacom, Monotype Imaging, Northwestern Mutual, LG Mobile, the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum and conceptualize and craft beautiful, user-centric digital experiences that gain results. Focusing on design as a holistic experience and not just a “deliverable", Chris justifies how an open and collaborative design process can create stronger designer-client relationships. He has spoken and written about this topic for organizations such as Happy Cog, HOW, AIGA, SXSW, Wharton Web Conference, Refresh Philadelphia, and Net Magazine. You can find him tweeting sporadically about design and UX-related topics at @ccashdollar.


Designing Design: Crafting a Digital Process That Works

Wednesday, May 6 • 11:30am – 12:15pm

Digital design work can be excruciatingly complex, often fraught with hidden stakeholders, nebulous business goals, and indiscriminate design approvals. How do we ensure our original vision stays on course? In this session, Chris Cashdollar will break down the digital design process to better diagnose what type of design artifacts work best when it comes to communicating design-thinking by working with your clients, not against them. Learn how to stay ahead of the frequent pain points that can cause your digital projects to stagnate and instead, acquire new strategies to help keep you focused on crafting beautiful, results-driven solutions for your clients.

3 Main Take- Aways:
  1. Learn to better diagnose what type of digital design deliverable works best for different problems
  2. Gain understanding of the common pitfalls that befall a digital design project, especially since the explosion of Responsive Web Design
  3. Develop strategies to better communicate and engage with your clients to keep them active and involved in the design process