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As Vice President of Sparkbox Rob is responsible for the operations and financials of the company. With a background in software development, Rob is always ready to challenge the development process. On any given day Rob meets with prospective clients, works with employees, and continues to evolve the business of Sparkbox.


How to Make Hourly Pricing Work

Monday, May 4 • 1:15 – 2:00pm

Let's face it—most of us who run creative shops did not study business. We just love making things, so we started companies where we could create on our own terms. Unfortunately, being a great maker does not necessarily equip us to make sound business decisions. For instance, how should you price your work?

In this session, Sparkbox’s Ron Harr will discuss differing pricing strategies, covering the pros and cons for each. While there’s no one right answer, he’ll show how hourly pricing has served Sparkbox well, and share advice on how to make hourly pricing work for other creative businesses. Any dedicated person should be able to run a profitable business, and figuring out pricing is a big step in that direction.

3 Main Take-Aways:
  1. Knowing where and how to negotiate terms with larger clients
  2. Avoiding common pricing pitfalls
  3. Making hourly pricing work for your creative business