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Faris is the co-founder of strategy and innovation consultancy Genius Steals, built on the belief that ideas are new combinations. It is an itinerant agency, allowing Faris and his partner Rosie to go to wherever clients need them — and to explore the world in between.

He is the author of Paid Attention: A Modern Philosophy of (and Guide to) Advertising, published April 2015, and co-author of Digital State: How the Internet Changes Everything [2013] and Future Brand Strategies [2015]. He's been blogging since that was a thing, and has written for Fast Company, Forbes and many magazines with the word AD or MEDIA in the title.

Previously he was a founding partner of creative technology boutique Spies&Assassins, Chief Innovation Officer of MDC, Chief Digital Officer at McCann Erickson NYC, and Global Digital Ninja at Naked Communications. He was named one of ten modern day Mad Men by Fast Company.


Idea Networks and Media Bosons: Finding & Harnessing Creativity

Wednesday, May 6 • 3:00 – 3:45pm

Ideas can't exist on their own. Anyone can be 'inspired' simply by knowing what ideas are and how to have them. In this session, Faris Yakob will explore practical approaches to universal creativity, consider how to behave in a world of infinite utterances, and explain why media are bosons.

3 Main Take-Aways:
  1. Talent imitates, genius steals: Why originality is a myth.
  2. What ideas are and how to have better ones.
  3. How brands and people should behave in a world of infinite content.