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Margot Bloomstein is the author of Content Strategy at Work (Morgan Kaufmann, 2012) and principal of Appropriate, Inc., a Boston-based brand and content strategy consultancy. She crafts brand-appropriate user experiences to help organizations engage audiences and project key messages with consistency and clarity through both traditional and social media. A featured speaker at SXSW, Margot speaks around the world about enriching interactive engagements with content strategy. Recent engagements include the HOW Interactive Design Conference, CS Forum Helsinki, IA Summit, Content Marketing World, Confab, and Web 2.0. Find her blogging infrequently at Appropriate, Inc. and tweeting prolifically at @mbloomstein.


Whoa Nellie! Designing Websites that Entice and Engage Users—Slowly

Monday, May 4 • 1:15 – 2:00pm

Online experiences can be fast, efficient and easy—but sometimes, that’s all wrong! Users click Buy too soon, miss important details or don’t find content that aids conversion. Efficient isn’t always effective and fast isn’t always functional. In fact, some of the most memorable web engagements employ “slow content strategy”with design considerations and content types that aid stickiness and retention. Margot Bloomstein will lead you through examples from a range of industries to see how you can manage—and slow—the pace at which users move through your website designs to create experiences that aid learning, fuel anticipation and create memories.

3 Main Take- Aways:
  1. Learn how to differentiate experiences that should be slower from interactions that demand immediacy
  2. Explore design and content techniques to control pace with content types beyond just bullets and brevity
  3. See how brands in entertainment, financial services, apparel and other industries vary users’pace to help them achieve the best results