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Born in 1981, Ken Lo is the Founder and Design Director of a renowned Hong Kong studio BLOW. He has won more than 60 international and local awards for design excellence, including “40 Under 40” by Perspective Magazine, Champion of Victoria Harbour Icon Design Competition, total 33 awards in 2013 HKDA Global Design Awards, that include the Judge’s Choice, HK Best, Gold awards and more. His works have been featured in various worldwide design magazines, Computer Arts, IDEA and Etapes, etc. Ken was selected by Time Out Magazine as one of the 25 Hong Kong designers you need to know.


From a Blank Paper to a Craft

Wednesday, May 6 • 4:15 – 5:00pm

In this digital age, many graphic designers are exploring the digital world. But is the traditional media world less competitive than digital media? Ken Lo, a young designer himself, looks at it another way. He believes that printed matter still has a strong communication power and that it still plays an important role in the packaging world. (That brand new iPhone? It’s still packed in a paper box.)

But with the emphasis on digital design, some graphic designers aren’t familiar or even fully aware of the effects they can achieve with various papers and printing processes. A well-crafted printed design sounds like a luxury now, but in reality, we should be reinforcing our craftsmanship and creativity on printed media. In this session, Ken will share his personal experiences making good use of papers and printing effects creatively.

3 Main Take-Aways:


  1. Finding inspiration in a wide range of paper related projects.
  2. Enhancing your design with printing effects.
  3. Discovering craftsmanship in a modern way.