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Chris is a designer and developer at Codify Design Studio, where his unique focus includes both design and development. These skills make his design execution optimal across various media. Chris is also a featured speaker at Adobe MAX and How Design Conferences, as well an author on, and


Big Possibilities for Small Screens

Thursday, May 7 • 10:15 – 11:00am

When considering your web presence on small screens, think big! Mobile devices come equipped with many features not found on your desktop computers. What’s more, we can use standard web technologies to vastly improve the user experience for your mobile visitors. Learn what is possible as we explore features available in mobile web browsers. Activate phone numbers for tap-to-call, change your content based on GPS coordinates, or even make adjustments based on the accelerometer.

What we'll cover:

• Web applications
• Getting GPS coordinates
• Creating phone numbers
• Local storage and offline browsing
• Linking to installed apps
• Behind the scenes of

3 Main Takeaways:
  1. Find out about the big capabilities for mobile screens.
  2. Learn how you can enhance user experience with motion, touch optimization, and responsiveness.
  3. Get tips on optimizing for context and location.