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After teaching in Nigeria with the U.S. Peace Corps, Steve attended and graduated from Cranbrook Academy of Art. Herman Miller then hired him to be its first internal graphic designer in 1970.

An employee for 45 years, he has been largely responsible for Herman Miller’s image and graphic identity, its posters, annual reports, and other collateral literature.

“Recognized for crafting a body of corporate design work for Herman Miller that is as personable, memorable and innovative as the brand itself,” he received the AIGA Medal in 2010, the highest recognition from AIGA, the professional association for design. He's been recognized as an annual report legend in Graphis, and an American design icon in the 50th Anniversary Issue of Communication Arts.


1. "There Can Always Be A First Time"

Monday, May 4 • 12:00 – 12:45pm

2. Ask for help when you’re stuck. 3. A rough prototype helps define the real problem and solution. 4. Tell your client why you like your design. 5 Join the AIGA; enter the competitions. 6. Balance your life. 7. Guardian angels can save a good idea. 8. Know your criteria before hiring someone. 9. Moonlight with a serious hobby . 10. Beware of the sea of sameness. 11. Pick up a magazine you’ve never read on your next flight. 12. Long vacations are good. 13. An expectation can be better than a design brief. 14. Be resilient to rejection; pick your battles. 15. Have a point of view; express it. 16. Be open to serendipity. 17 Know what makes work fun and rewarding. 18. …

These are some of the lessons I’ve learned working at Herman Miller for 45 years. I’ll expand on these and others with stories and visuals. Borrow one or more of them and make them your own.