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After entering UCLA to become a physician, Jeni found her true calling and received a degree from the University of California, Irvine in Theater. Her exposure to the fashion industry and stage lead her into a career that has ran the artistic gamut from commercial photography to stage design to creative direction.

Internationally-recognized as a powerful force in changing the way people approach the business of branding and design, Jeni works tirelessly with creative professionals and corporate leaders teaching them to connect and communicate. Known for her uncanny ability to break down the walls between business policy and brand strategy, Jeni has spent the past 20-something years working with creative and corporate leaders to identify practical strategies on “doing business better”. She focuses on the fundamental components of complex practices and with her team of strategists at The Fulcrum Agency consults with Fortune 500, mid-size companies and non-profits offering action plans and on-site training grounded in strategy and focused on getting results. Her clients include Harley-Davidson (HOG), Green Coffee Mountain Roaster (GMCR), and V.F. Corporation (VFC) to name just a few.

Jeni is a host of blog talk radio’s, “Talk Story with Jeni”, a bi- weekly show that invites listeners into the conversations between the great design thinkers of our time. She is on the national advisory committees for InSource and IADT. She writes articles for various industry magazines such as HOW Magazine, Communication Arts and Business Journal. Jeni is a featured speaker for AIGA, RGD, AMA, AdClub and HOW Design Conference. She also shares innovative ideas and practices with the readers of her blog. With the demands of a career, a business and most importantly, a family, Jeni has truly learned the fine art of a life grounded in balance and has shared her experiences with hundreds of professionals worldwide. An avid surfer and water-skier, Jeni divides her time between the beaches of California, Hawaii and the Emerald City of Seattle, WA.


The Trifecta of Process Management

Thursday, May 7 • 4:15 – 5:00pm

Who doesn’t crave a more efficient and effective workflow process, one where clients value your expertise, follow your rules and sing your praises? The source of your issues — and, ultimately, the solution to your problems — lies in a surprising place: the connections among your team, your client and your business practices. These connections (or the lack thereof) cause breakdowns in communication and inefficient and reactionary processes. In this session, you will develop communication techniques to ensure your team is a strategic partner throughout the project lifecycle, become proficient in the art of flexibility without compromise, and take control of implementation strategies by maneuvering swiftly and successfully through change.

3 Main Take- Aways:
  1. How to become proactive, not reactive
  2. How to remove the obstacles between your team and your internal client
  3. How to overcome the politics surrounding the implementation of your work