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Petrula Vrontikis is a graphic designer, an author, and a professor at Art Center College of Design. She is recognized as an essential voice raising the understanding of design within the industry and among the business and cultural communities. When she’s not teaching or designing, it’s not unusual to find Petrula 85 feet underwater, traveling to volcanoes around the globe, or twisting her body like a pretzel in a yoga class.


Leading, Teaching and Inspiring the New Generation of Creative Nomads

Tuesday, May 5 • 11:30am – 12:15pm

Economic and environmental changes are forcing Millennials to return to adaptation methods employed by our nomadic ancestors. In this session, Petrula Vrontikis will explore present-day nomadism as manifested in the social, personal, professional, educational, and economic aspects of our lives.

To thrive, young individuals and organizations must embrace—and benefit from—the instability that arises from rapid change. New working environments must value collaboration and translation in order to attract the best young designers. Understanding this underlying principle is key for design leaders, educators, and employers who want to help young designers succeed. Seeing through this lens, design leaders, educators, and employers can become the new guiding force for the next generation of designers.

3 Main Take-Aways:
  1. Tools to create environments that foster collaboration and translation
  2. Understand the resiliency that is required to adapt, survive, and thrive in an ever-changing landscape
  3. 3 reasons to stop complaining about the young-uns