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Greg Sutter is a director in State Farm’s Creative Services Department, leading the in-house creative development teams. Previously, Greg managed the national advertising team in State Farm’s Marketing Department, working alongside outside agencies DDB, Translation, FCB, InterTrend, DRM-DDB, Sanders-Wingo and others. Prior to joining State Farm, he was creative services director for Bloomington Broadcasting Corporation. Greg is also an active member of IHAF (In-House Agency Forum).


Increasing Influence In House

Thursday, May 7 • 11:30am – 12:15pm

State Farm’s Creative Services department has undergone significant change over the past several years — becoming more valuable to the larger enterprise. In-house team leaders have changed everything from structure, processes and personnel to roles, responsibilities and (maybe most important) expectations. They've made some mistakes, but they're seeing positive results and learning plenty. This session will share some of the most valuable lessons the team has learned so far — so you can take advantage of their experiences and implement these changes in your own creative environment. This session is sponsored by IHAF (

3 Main Take- Aways:
  1. In-house needs to be a clean house. See how to overcome the challenge of prioritizing and executing the clean-up.
  2. Branding should be an “inside job.” It’s good for your in-house creative group. It’s good for the company you serve. Learn the why and how to make it happen.
  3. Practice may not make perfect, but it beats doing nothing. See why putting an imperfect idea into practice can still be a huge help in increasing your in-house group’s influence.