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Mark is a poet, coach and creative entrepreneur, living in London, UK and coaching creatives worldwide via the magic of the internet.

These days, he spends his time writing and helping creatives unlock the creativity in their psyche, and apply it to their art, their careers and their businesses. The great thing about working with creative professionals is their sheer enthusiasm for their work – I wake up in the morning and pinch myself that I get to work with such inspiring people.


How to Handle Rejection and Criticism as a Creative

Tuesday, May 5 • 4:15 – 5:00pm

If you want to succeed as a creative professional, you MUST learn to deal with rejection and criticism:
  • Rejection of your work by clients, prospects and gatekeepers
  • Feedback from your boss/colleagues/customers—some of it brutal!
  • 'Constructive criticism' from mentors, critics, and peers
  • Carping from competitors
  • Reviews and feedback from the public

It's easy to say 'don't take it personally'—but it’s not so easy to do when you put your heart and soul into your work. To overcome rejection and criticism, it's essential that you build resilience—the ability to bounce back from adversity, just as strong, or even stronger, than before. In this practical session, poet and creative business coach Mark McGuinness will explain why rejection and criticism hurt so badly, and what you can do about them. With inspiring examples and practical advice, he will help you build the resilience you need to keep going in spite of setbacks, and achieve success on your own terms.

3 Main Takeaways:
  1. How to handle rejection and criticism
  2. Why rejection and criticism hurt so much
  3. How to keep going in the face of rejection