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#PassionateSecurity – Meet Modern Systems

How to Catch A Murderer

Kentucky Security Company Helps Put Murderer Behind Bars

In August 2017, police used surveillance video provided by the passionate security professionals at Modern Systems, Inc. to help positively identify a murder suspect in Somerset, Kentucky.

The company, led by president David Morris, handed over their footage of a suspicious man, after he confronted a female employee outside the Modern Systems offices while she was taking out the trash.

The employee described the man as “creepy” and reported the incident to Morris. Little did they know that this man would commit a murder the same day he approached the employee.

When she reported her run-in with the confrontational character to Morris, he checked the security footage from his company’s cameras and immediately felt uneasy.

“When I initially saw the video, I had a flood of emotions,” says Morris. “I knew I had to pursue this further.”

Later that afternoon, Morris was made aware that Somerset police had found the body of an elderly woman in an activity center just three miles from his office building.

After comparing footage from his office and the surveillance from a church near the scene of the crime, Morris confirmed the man had appeared on both feeds the day the body was found. Once he saw this, he knew he had to involve the authorities, and immediately turned over all the footage.

Police spent a few days conducting a thorough analysis of video surveillance gathered from Modern Systems, the church and a nearby gas station to establish a clear identity of their suspect. The information from these cameras proved invaluable to the investigation, and eventually helped serve justice to the murderer – a 41-year-old man who had just finished spending most of his adult life in prison after killing his father.

When Morris first reviewed the footage, and his gut feeling set off alarms in his head, he wanted to make sure police had everything they needed to solve the case. Being a security professional, he understood the effectiveness of video surveillance in identifying criminals.

“By turning to security companies early, police can determine where high-quality video exists that may help in their investigation,” says Morris.

His cooperation with law enforcement proved fruitful, as his company’s high-quality footage was able to help establish a timeline of the suspect’s whereabouts and give police a detailed look at what clothes the murder suspect was wearing the day of the crime.

The research and quick notification of the police Morris and his team conducted were certainly above and beyond what is expected of them. They easily could have dismissed the strange encounter or explained it away, but instead they worked to ensure the safety of their community and bring justice.

For using their access to innovative technology to help put a murderer behind bars, David Morris and his team are recognized by ESX as passionate security professionals.

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