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ESX Sessions in a League of Their Own

March Matchups

Which Session Will Come Out on Top?

Creation Costs - Defined, Dissected & Diminished Takes the Crown

March Matchups Winner

After weeks of intense competition, a winner has been crowned. This session has the most passionate security professionals hyped to attend, beating all the other sessions by a narrow margin. See why excited industry pros have reserved their spot in this course, or browse the 30+ other peer-led educational sessions available at ESX.

Creation Costs
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Final Round

The top two sessions competing for the coveted title of Most Anticipated Session are:

View these sessions and decide for yourself which of the 30+ you want to attend at ESX. The winner of the March Matchups will be announced Monday, April 2.

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Round Three

Attendees have spoken with their registrations, and the top four sessions as of March 28 are as follows:
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Round Two

These eight sessions advance to the semi-finals!
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Round One

These sixteen sessions move on to the next round! Each track is equally represented at this stage, but from here out, it's each session for itself.
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This March, the educational sessions at ESX are competing in a league of their own. During March Matchups, the peer-led seminars will face off to determine which one has #PassionateSecurity professionals the most hyped to attend.

All four tracks from the extensive ESX education program will be represented in the bracket, and individual sessions will advance based on how many security professionals have registered for them at the time of posting. The rounds will start with 16 teams and continue until there is only one, which will be named the most anticipated session at ESX.

Just like sports teams, business teams have players who specialize in certain areas; because of this, ESX offers four tracks covering the most relevant topics for every player on an organization’s team.

Whether you are a player or a coach, you and your team will find insight and inspiration in these sessions that will help you hone your skills and reach new levels of operational and financial excellence.

Many #PassionateSecurity professionals already recognize the value of education, and are taking advantage of this opportunity for professional growth.

All of their favorite sessions and more are accessible with a Premium Pass. Get yours today at early-bird pricing, and follow the March Matchups competition on the ESX Facebook to see if your favorite session wins.

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