ESX 2019 Registration

Chairman’s Note

Increase Your Business Advantage with ESX Education

For many sports fans, March Madness causes severe cramping in the wrist and index finger while holding the TV remote. And with the odds pegged at 1 in 9.2 quintillion, it’s very unlikely choosing the perfect bracket will be attained by us mere humans, at least not without the assistance of IBM’s Watson.

Good news--the odds of improving your business acumen and skills are far easier to accomplish at ESX 2017, with peer-delivered educational sessions that are uniquely focused on the needs of industry professionals. Packed with meaningful and relevant content, the educational sessions deliver next-gen ideas and best practices for entrepreneurs, owners, executives and supervisors to adopt and implement into their organizations immediately, helping them to remain competitive in this rapidly changing business environment.

I invite you and your team to come to ESX 2017 in Nashville -- be ready to be inspired, learn new ideas and have fun too!