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Chairman's Address - George De Marco


The Elephant in the Room

Inherently obvious. Important to address. Uncomfortable at times.

By Chairman George De Marco

Last year, we introduced a new feature to our educational program — interactive forums, encouraging debate and conversations that we dubbed “CounterPoint Forums.” These sessions addressed subjects like DIY security, cable company competition and selling your company. The purpose of the sessions was to challenge the status quo and rethink the future, encouraging an open, interactive environment to discuss opposing views freely and passionately, shaping what the audience and presenters believe, and revealing why they believe it.

Based on the positive feedback we received, the CounterPoint Forums are returning for ESX 2018.

This year our subjects are diverse, important, and may be uncomfortable at times. From unlicensed alarm activity to the new tax law, and conversations about market interrupters like Apple, Google and Amazon, ESX's CounterPoint Forums will deliver what security and life safety professionals need to hear, rather than what they want to hear.

Owners and executives have varied opinions, perspectives and perceptions about where the industry is heading and how outside influences may affect their businesses in the near and long term. This type of forum invites a multitude of opinions to be voiced from a cross-section of companies — small, medium and large.

I invite you to experience Counterpoint Forums firsthand as we explore the obvious, the important and the uncomfortable at ESX 2018 with other passionate professionals. Bring your voice and be heard!