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ESX Peer-Driven Education: A Major Differentiator

With a focused attendee base, interactive sessions sparked collaboration and co-creation among industry decision makers, inspiring them to brainstorm new business approaches and innovation. This year, ESX education delivered on all fronts, with diverse speakers focusing on actionable advice to encourage attendees to lead change. Keeping with the show’s educational track structure, sessions were broken up into four groupings, with residential and commercial subject matter, all sharing peerto-peer advice on the most critical topics:

Education Photo Grow Your Business,
Sponsored by Telguard

Maximize Your Monitoring Center,
Sponsored by Sur-Gard

Rethink the Future,
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Run Your Company,
Sponsored by Security Partners

The “Grow Your Business” track included topics meant to spark the sharing of innovative ideas that increase top line revenues, offer new products, invigorate sales, and build customer-centric teams. Sessions, like: “RMR Rate Increase - Why, When and How,” “Sales Supercharging: Finding and Onboarding Sales Talent,” and “Success Stories of Referral Programs that Work” were well received by attendees.

The “Maximize Your Monitoring Center” track zeroed in on next-generation monitoring technologies, services, and management techniques. Speakers discussed the challenges in keeping pace with rapidly changing technology and services in a competitive market and protecting their businesses against cyber threats. A special three-part boot camp intensely explored effective leadership in the monitoring center, from inspiring the performance of staff to very tactically planning resources.

“Rethink the Future” sessions explored what lies ahead and how to prepare for fast-paced, business-changing breakthroughs. This track featured sessions, like “Must Know Industry Trends of the Industry” and the show’s new CounterPoint of the Day Forums.

These open, interactive sessions were designed to be an outlet, where industry professionals could come together and explore a multitude of views that exist in the security industry, discussing opposing views freely and passionately.

Debating the topic of the day, ideas and concepts collided among the presenters and the audience. Topics discussed, included:
  • Cable service companies and the impact they are having on the industry
  • Selling your security company and valuation advice
  • DIY security and its sustainability as an offering

Education PhotoLastly, the “Run Your Company” track focused on innovative ways to lead and manage your company, including operations, finance, and customer service. Step-by-step action plans were reviewed in the “Eliminating Go Backs in Three Easy Steps” session and additional sessions, included: “Five Tips for Managing Millennials,” “How Do I Run My Service Department,” and “Five Proven Methods to Battle Attrition.”