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Thursday, June 21 | 4:15-5:30PM

3 Great Ways to Build RMR with Video Monitoring
Thursday, June 21, 2018 04:15PM - 05:30PM
Every day it seems that a newfangled, self-installed IP camera is being introduced to consumers and business owners. How can security professionals benefit from the growing adoption of cameras? Progressive dealers are capturing more RMR with video alarm verification, virtual guard tours, or cloud-based and fog-based storage services. Set yourself apart from your competitors by introducing real world video applications that your customers want, and grow RMR too. This session will uncover:
• The latest technologies and applications for video monitoring in homes and businesses
• What is driving end user adoption and engagement of the IP-based camera solution
• Why video monitoring matters to end users, monitoring stations and law enforcement
• Suggested packaging and RMR strategies for services offered
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Mr. Jeff Martin photo
Mr. Jeff Martin
AVS Systems Inc
Jeff Martin is a 30 plus year security professional. He has built and sold six alarm companies . Each with RMR the main focus. Jeff has written three books on security sales, email marketing and exit strategies.With his sales team he constantly promotes FU, follow up.
Jeff is an avid Redfish fisherman. He and his wife enjoy remodeling older homes, building new ones and putting their personal touches in place. They have done this twenty two times.

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