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Chairman’s Note

Keep Calm and Be Strategic

In this rapidly evolving business environment, it’s vital to understand the difference between industry trends and passing fads. Trends solve problems — fads don’t stick around long.

Being on the forefront of industry trends allows you to create memorable marketing programs that increase awareness and become a gateway for acquiring new customers.

Being strategic and filtering promising trends from passing fads keeps you and your organization from adopting every fad. This process will prevent you from being left frustrated, confused and, worst, fearing change.

At ESX, our exhibitors and sponsors are ready to have strategic conversations with industry professionals that help drive the right future trends. From growing top-line revenues, improving productivity, to increasing bottom-line profits, the exhibit hall is teeming with next-gen products and services that can help you meet end-user expectations.

Don’t let your profits fade away by adopting fads. Come to ESX in Nashville to see and hear what trends are making a difference.