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COUNTERPOINT FORUMS - Where Industry Perceptions are Reinforced or Shattered

These open, interactive sessions are designed to rock your world. Industry professionals come together and explore a multitude of views that exist in the security industry, discussing opposing views freely and passionately. Debating the topic of the day, ideas and concepts will collide among the presenters and the audience, shaping not only what they believe, but why they believe it.

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Wednesday, June 20 | 10:00-11:15AM

Unlicensed Activity – Fake News or Real Issue?

Thursday, June 21 | 9:30-10:45AM
For many states, alarm company licensing is not new, yet there is much confusion on where and when it applies, and how enforcement policies are imposed. For consumers that want installation assistance or professionally monitoring services for DIY systems, the misperception deepens, whether purchased through Amazon, SimpliSafe, T-Mobile, Best Buy or others. How will states and municipalities handle licensing and its enforcement as the latest go-to-market strategies evolve, whether for the residential or commercial systems? Should the industry participate in reinforcing existing licensing, and consider creating stronger licensing legislation?
You’ll want to hear or voice your opinion on unlicensed activity and solutions with your colleagues from around the country. In this session, you’ll hear a robust discussion on:
• Does licensing really matter to the consumer?
• Why should licensing matter to the Industry?
• Why is one major state redefining its stance on qualified managers and the alarm company having a physical presence?
• Should the industry partner with state agencies to impose tougher regulations through higher fees?
• Why is licensing enforcement difficult?

New Tax Law Explained and Enlightened

Friday, June 22 | 9:45-10:45AM
The new tax law takes effect in 2018. For most businesses, this will be a major change. The impact, despite a more convoluted process, should ultimately deliver a benefit to most businesses, particularly the pass-through deduction. However, owners need to curb their enthusiasm until their tax advisors explain how the changes will affect their businesses. In this session, you will hear from advisors who will break down the effects of the new tax law as it relates to the industry. Get ready for a lively discussion on:
• How does this benefit or hinder the different types of entities and the industry?
• What should owners be doing now to take advantage of the new tax law?
• What does Qualified Business Income really mean?
• Will this affect customers and employees? Sponsor Logo