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3 Tips for Leading with a Purpose

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March Madness is here...

If you look closely, this annual ritual of watching college athletes compete out on the court carries pearls of wisdom in how we can run our businesses more successfully.

Basketball is undeniably a great team sport (my wife would argue it’s the greatest team sport).

It’s easy to know when a basketball team is successful, as the desired outcome is clear and defined – the team with the most points on the scoreboard wins! However, many basketball games are won or lost before the tip off, with exceptional coaching that focuses on preparation, hard work and goal setting. Business teams should function the same way as successful basketball teams, except many don’t. Here are three ways you can coach your team for success:

  • Draft Wisely - Are you drafting the right teammates? Are they in the correct positions? Do they understand your organization's purpose and brand promise?

  • Show Up for Practice - Successful business owners understand the importance of learning and practicing being better leaders. They are committed to building a winning culture, recruiting the right team members and practicing fundamentals daily for success. This takes honing one’s coaching and leadership skills to attract great teams that accomplish a greater purpose.

  • Set Your Goals High - In many businesses, the goals and desired outcomes aren’t always clear and defined for employees. Players want to be on a winning team — a company with a greater purpose. Having the right purpose is key to employee engagement, customer retention and profitable results.

Want to be in the final four? Attend ESX 2018 - Don Yaeger will deliver a compelling keynote titled "Great Teams Understand Why," during which he will share his knowledge on how to build a better team with a common purpose.

I encourage you to join other #passionatesecurity professionals who want to elevate their game. Don’t miss an opportunity to lead with purpose!

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