It is legal to smoke cigarettes on casino main floor.  It is not ok to smoke where food is served. 

Marijuana is legal in the state of Nevada. Marijuana may only be smoked in a dispensary or in your home. It is illegal to smoke marijuana in hotel rooms, on the streets, or in the casinos.


Las Vegas is a city known for its bustling and hardworking service industry. The policy is to TIP EVERYONE. Here is a run-down of suggested tipping amounts:

-        Drink servers: $1.00/drink (If being served drinks on the casino floor while playing, drinks are usually complementary and it’s customary to tip a $1 chip per drink to your cocktail server.)

-        Car Valet:  $3-5

-        Concierge: $2-5

-        Maid service: Usually $5 minimum for your stay, or $2-5 per day

-        Wait staff: 20%

-        Luggage handling (Bellhop): $1 per bag. 

-        cab/Lyft/uber:  10%

-        Dealer: (in chips)  10%, or $5 here and there if you’re hanging at a table for a while

-      Tour Guide: If you opt to take a tour, standard tip is $20. (Optional $5 to the driver of a tour bus or van as well.)