Friday, April 6 -- 11 am - 12:30 pm + 12:30 - 2 pm -- UNLV (GRA 112)


Demonstrator: Karen Cornelius

An electro-etching intaglio demonstration using water, sulfate and electricity to simultaneously alter the landscape of two copper plates pushing the etching process beyond the expected and into the experimental.

This etching method exploits the loss and gain of metal, which affects each plate in a distinct and different ways, altering metal in multiple permutations of past and present, construction or decay, truth or fiction.

Electro-etching, is a safe environmentally responsible method of printmaking with a major role to play in contemporary printmaking.



I am a Canadian printmaker making work about identity and belonging. In my personal art practice I am interested in the investigation of more environmentally responsible, innovative and safer methods of printmaking without sacrificing high quality results. Electro-etching offers both traditional intaglio results and an alternative way to work with both the negative and positive plates.

I have been experimenting with electro-etching for a number of years and recently completed a residency with master printmaker Alfonso Crujera author of “The Electro- etching Handbook.”

I work out of Martha Street Printmaking Studio in Winnipeg, Manitoba and have BFA from Moore College of Art in Philadelphia. I have exhibited locally, nationally and internationally and have work in public and private collections.

I’m an art educator, teaching through the Artists in the Schools program, ArtSmarts, The Winnipeg Art Gallery Studio program and manage various community art projects on a regular basis.