Friday, April 6 -- 2pm - 3pm -- Bally's, Skyview 3


The Frans Masereel Centrum (FMC) has been an international artist-in-residence center for over 45 years.

During this time, the Centre has evolved and reshaping its structure and vision with a focus on keeping print in a contemporary context. This incubator session will address the steps FMC has taken in this evolution, and provide information that all artists should considered before applying for artist-in-residency programs in general as well as more specifically for applying for residency at the Frans Masereel Centrum.


In this Inkubator, Mr. Durt will explain FMC’s organizational evolution and its focus on the general contemporary 
art discourse from a graphic art perspective. Another part of this session will address the questions we encourage our residents to consider before putting ink from idea via a matrix to a graphic work.


Additionally, Mr. Durt will explain how FMC runs its residency program and how it works to connect with the resident 
artists (both experienced or not experienced printmakers) in its atelier and facilities, and to expand that connected with the art industry in various facets. A preview of the Frans Masereel Centrum can be seen online at

Questions and dialogues during the session are encouraged!



Ivan Durt finished his master degree in printmaking at Sint Lucas Antwerp, Belgium in 1999. He followed this with additional degrees in Fine Arts from SMFA in Boston, United States, and Sint Lucas Antwerp in 2000. Durt started in 2001 as Artistic Coordinator at Frans Masereel Centrum and held that position until 2011. From that time he has held the position of studio manager at FMC. Additionally, Durt served a two-year term as international member at large from 2007-2008.