Friday, April 6 -- 11 am - 5 pm -- Bally's Event Center, Demo Space D


Demonstrator: Brandon Gunn


This demo will explore the rich possibilities of using chine collé in lithography through the use of dry working adhesives. Materials, papers, and techniques that allow for a wide possibility of applications of chine collé will be discussed, as well as best practices for using chine collé in situations that demand exact registration. The demonstration will focus primarily on the use of Rhoplex n580, a pressure sensitive glue, that allows the printer to print dry, reposition the chine collé as needed, is pH neutral, and has excellent adherence to a wide variety of substrates. Dura Mount and other adhesives conducive to difficult substrates and dry working print mediums will also be discussed, as well as their utility in wet working situations. Chine collé as an expressive and integral part of the image development process will be demonstrated.



Brandon Gunn has taught printmaking at Santa Fe Community College, Concordia University in Montreal, Indiana University in Bloomington, and Brigham Young University in Idaho. He is a Tamarind trained Master Printer and the current Education Director at Tamarind Institute. In addition to his teaching, he actively collaborates with other artists and makes his own work. His practice incorporates lithography, intaglio, woodcut and digital printmaking techniques.