Open Portfolio provides an opportunity for conference delegates to present their work on a 6 foot table alongside one another in 1-hour sessions. These displays are free and open to the public. There are a limited number of spots, so sign up with be limited to first-come, first-served until sessions are full.



When you sign up for an Open Portfolio session, you will select a descriptor that best describes you: Student, Emerging, Professional, Professor.  Each Portfolio Session will include a mixture of all designations of artists.



The event will be held on Saturday April 7, in the Bronze, Silver & Gold Rooms at the Bally’s Hotel.



The portfolio sessions will take place according to the following schedule:


Portfolio Session 1: 10:30 am - 11:30 am

Portfolio Session 2: 11:45 am - 12:45 pm

Portfolio Session 3: 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm


Sessions will be assigned at random to participants. Unfortunately, no session time requests can be guaranteed. Please be prepared to pack up your prints and make room for the artist at your table in the session after you when your session is over!



The cost is $10 to participate. Individuals must pre-register to participate in Open Portfolio online. (Participation sign up is first-come, first-served.) IF any sessions are still available at the conference, they may be purchased at the Registration Desk in the Bally’s Hotel as supplies last. No refunds will be offered.



Can I display items on the wall or in bins on the side of my table?

No. The tables abut one another in order to have as much room as possible for people to traverse the space and see all of the art. It’s a fire hazard to place bins or other display apparatus in the aisles where people will be walking. We are not able to hang or adhere art onto the walls of the hotel. However, your space ON the table is entirely yours to do with as you will - you can put bins, posters, panels, etc on top of your table, and/or bring tape to display your work on the front of your table.


Can I sell my work?

Yes! You are welcome to sell and/or exchange your artwork during Open Portfolios. If you take cloud-based payments, you may need to provide your own wifi (personal hotspot on your phone, etc); we cannot guarantee free wifi at the hotel.


Can I participate in more than one Open Portfolio Session?

You can only pre-register for one session, as there are a limited number of spots and we want to ensure everyone has an equal chance of participating. However, if there are still spots available at the start of the conference, we will be selling additional session tickets at the Registration Desk on a first-come, first-served basis while supplies last.


Can I choose my session time or location in the room?

Session times and spots are assigned at random, and we cannot guarantee that requests can be honored. If you’d like a specific session time, you can switch with another participant at your discretion.