Organizer: Summer Ventis



Amanda Maciuba, Anita Jung, Anne Hoff, Cammy York, Anna Haglin, Gwen Miller Wagner, John Cizmar, Kala’iakea Blakemore, Karla Hackenmiller, L J Douglas, Melissa Dawn, Micah Zavacky, Nif Hodgson, Rosane Viegas, Stephanie Beisel, Stephanie Hunder, Summer Ventis


“The mobile and the local are not necessarily oppositional … and change is not always akin to motion; motion is simply one way to keep pace with or outrun change — or stagnation … the mobile person sees the landscape she passes through as static, because she changes faster than it does, but the stationary person sees that everything around is changing.” – Rebecca Solnit, A Book of Migrations.


Hodology, the study of pathways, can refer to a physical path through the landscape, but also to neurological or psychological pathways. Often, these seemingly disparate pathways intersect. Our surroundings are altered by the paths we take through them, and our selves are altered by the landscapes we encounter and the ways we move through them or the ways they change around us.


Portfolio participants will produce images that address the idea of hodology as the study of the landscape in motion — movement through the landscape, the landscape as it changes around us, movement from one landscape to another, the way the landscape infiltrates our psyches, etc. — the paths we take through the landscape and the paths it takes through us.