RIFT: Navada Printmakers

Reception: “Preview Thursday,” April 5, 6 - 9 pm

Location:  1017 S 1st St #190, Las Vegas, NV 89101

TEL:  702-800-4670 

Exhibition: April 5  – May 24, 2018

Hours: Monday - Friday 10 am - 6 pm


“An area of the earth’s crust that along which divergence is taking place, allowing a fault plane to intersect with the surface.”

Las Vegas, an island of artifice, fantasy, and cacophony sits like an alien being within the Mojave Desert.  It is within this hyper stimulated artificial creation that the practice of visual art has become an action of endurance and even defiance.

Nevada’s artists, proud and uncompromising, watch and listen to the buzz of neon and wind, witness the excess, and reflect on the amazing divide existing within our environs.  Whether or not our voices are heard, they are persistent.  Like the ever-present sagebrush and Joshua Tree that cloaks our wide vistas, they withstand and remain.

This mantra and belief is especially true of printmaking in the hyper stimulated atmosphere of Las Vegas.  Where everything is flash and dazzle, printmaking both in its historic and hybrid practice has persisted with a small collection of inspired image makers.  We persist and create, like the resilient sagebrush, creosote and Joshua trees of the Mojave and high desert, slow growing and deep rooted. We are tenacious. 

This exhibition is a sampling of prints from several Nevada printmakers exploring the theme of endurance in the dichotomy between an island of sensory overload amid a vacant expanse. 

Participants of “Rift:” Bobbie Ann Howell, Candace Garlock, Catherine Case, Daniel Ogletree, Daryl Depry, Erik Beehn, Galen Brown, Mary E Hill, Jack Malotte, Jeanne Volture, Lauren Cardenas, Teal Francis, Yobi Graciani, Eunkang Koh, Anne Hoff