Organizer: Grant Benoit



Hannah Sanders, Henry Gepher, Hui-Chi Ying, Alison Filley, Jess Hill, Lara Fairbanks, Erich Neitzche, Evgenia Kim, Landa King, Kerri Cushman, Barbara Gregor, Lauren Koch, Jenni Friedman, Kelsey Reiman, Grant Benoit, Kelly Sullivan, Catherine Reinhart, Tina Lutz, Luca Cruzat, Ani Volkan


Quilts are born from the endless scraps and pieces of a life lived. Compiled through countless geometric shapes, this varied landscape appears. It is one of the first landscapes we notice, as children we drive toy cars over its cotton hills or as an adult notice the rumpled topography after sleep. We record our memories and travels in quilts as we pick out our aunt’s sundress on a worn, sunlight quilt top; these objects become an abstracted landscape. This portfolio merges the traditions of piecing and printing in creating a quilt square that reflects their journey.  Participants will be asked to consider their memories present and past, as they work within both crafts.


The unique aspect of this portfolio is how the print is dealt with and abstracted (or revealed). Participants will create a print on fabric or cloth. Participants will then piece it using a solid or other printed paper or cloth in traditional or non traditional quilt squares.. Prints may be machine or hand pieced. These squares will be exhibited in a grid, creating a quilt from the pieced prints. In addition to exhibiting at SGCI, the portfolio will be exhibited at The Bascom: A Center for Visual Arts in Highlands, NC.