Organizers: Raluca Iancu and Jen Scheuer



Frol Boundin, Natalie Draz, Leslie A. Grossman, Jade Hoyer, Raluca Iancu, Kelsey Livingston, Michael Menchaca, Tatiana Potts, Jen Scheuer, Benjamin Rinehart


The Las Vegas Strip famously celebrates tourism and glitz. In tribute to Ed Ruscha recording West Hollywood through “Every Building on Sunset Strip”, and in recognition of Robert Venturi’s “Learning From Las Vegas,” the artists in this portfolio will create a continuous landscape of signs and structures to create the image of a good time for the masses. Each artist will be assigned one part of the Las Vegas Strip at random and will create a pop up structure from a single folded page. The pages will be assembled into a book using the drum leaf binding. The pop-up book format will mimic the spectacle of consumable tourism with forms that emerge into real space.


The pop-up form doesn’t have enough recognition and there are few resources available for instruction. To create a learning experience with the portfolio, we will ask the participating artists to submit two prints each: one print with the pop-up structures constructed and one flat print. The prints will be exhibited in both formats, as the flat prints have their own aesthetic, much as Red Groom’s dimensional prints before they are assembled.

In addition, an image of each flat print will be uploaded to a website as an online resource for printmakers, and interested artists alike, to print out and assemble to learn pop up structures and promote a culture of dissemination with this book that would otherwise be limited in existence.