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Julie Keegan 
Julie Keegan is one of Australia's most successful Lawn Bowlers, with a number of Australian and World titles under her belt. Born in 1964, Julie has been a keen sportswoman all her life. A top-rated netballer until she retired to have children, first Matthew in 1987 and Jessica in 1988. In 1994 Julie took up golf with her husband Michael and a handicap of eight was achieved not long after. Julie went on to win five club championships and many other accolades in her six years in the game.  
A fun game of Lawn Bowls in 2000 changed her life. Lawn Bowls is one of Australia’s most played sports and Julie has helped increase the game’s profile through her on-green talent and off the green drive and passion. Julie promotes the fit4bowls program, to promote the fact that the fitter you are the better you feel the easier it is to compete. It is this enthusiasm that has made Julie a positive role model for young and older sportspeople and not surprising she was voted Favourite Female Lawn Bowler 2010. As well as one of our country’s elite athletes, Julie is also sought by many fundraisers to speak on her experiences as well as newspapers and radio interviews.
Julie has chosen the 'Increase knowledge of heart health' goal.
Week 3 update

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to participate in the Challenge.  It has englightened me to be more alert and aware of the issues concerning heart disease.  I have not only become more informed from the material I have read, but have learnt more about my family history and diseases associated with this very important issue.  I have shared lots of what I have learnt with my children so hopefully it will trigger them into being more aware of what they do in the future as well.

I have been making a more conscious effort to eat healthier and have a more balanced diet.  I found some facts interesting whilst browsing online and reading recipes and articles contained on the Heart Foundation Website.   One topic that surprised me was that the cholesterol in eggs only has a small effect on blood cholesterol levels and in fact you can eat up to 6 eggs a week. 

There are some great recipe ideas online that I have have been trialling and the family have really enjoyed them.

I have always been very active, but have increased my cardio fitness training which has made me feel better and given my more energy.