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Katy Gallagher
Katy Gallgher was elected to the Legislative Assembly as a Labor Member for Molonglo in November 2001 and joined the Stanhope Ministry in December 2002. She is currently the Deputy Chief Minister, Treasurer, Minister for Health and Minister for Industrial Relations.

Prior to her election, Katy worked for five years for the Community and Public Sector Union as an Industrial Organiser for Commonwealth public servants. Katy's career began in the community sector working for People First ACT, an organisation providing advocacy and support to individuals with an intellectual disability. She was also a project worker for Woden Community Service working with children with disabilities.
Katy’s previous roles in the ACT Government include Minister for Education, Minister for Children, Youth and Family Support, Minister for Community Services and Minister for Women.
Katy has chosen the 'Increase knowledge of heart health' goal.
Week 3 update

Since signing up for the Healthy Heart Challenge three weeks ago I’ve learned a number of things about my heart health.

Heart disease is the number one killer of Australian women, killing four times as many women as breast cancer. Yet only 6% of women in the at risk age-group have regular heart checks compared with 50% of breast cancer checks.

I am reasonably physically active in that I love to go for a run when I can, and I eat a balanced diet. However, when I am in the office I can be sitting down for long periods of time. So one of the things I have done is become more aware of my sitting time, and try to find ways to take breaks from sitting. 

I’ve had my blood pressure and BMI checked as it is important to be aware of these figures and monitor them over time. My blood pressure is good, but being a mother of three children and being Chief Minister means I need to keep an eye on my stress levels!

I’ve also enjoyed being inspired by some of the recipes on the Challenge website. Fresh ideas of ways to prepare healthy foods and make it attractive and enjoyable are always welcome by most of us.

The emphasis on women taking care of their own health, for a period of ten weeks, is proving to be an effective way to help women think about their own health needs first for a while