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Mim Emerson
Mim has had some of the symptoms of heart problems and wants to avoid having a heart attack. Both of her parents died through heart failure, and her mum had a heart attack around her age. Mim feels it is important for everyone to take care of their health.

Mim is a 58 year old woman, who is a Disability Support Worker in Rockhampton.

Mim lives in Central Queensland and feels there are many women there who could be advantaged by being heart smart. She is into doing things in the community and believe that Rockhampton is a worthy community to do things for. Mim feels there is far too much processed and take-away food being eaten in our communities.
Mim is excited to be able to participate in something that will help encourage others to make changes to their lifestyles. Mim feels all people could benefit from a healthier life style, eating habits and exercise programs without it costing too much.
Mim has chosen the 'Improve everyday nutrition' goal.
Week 9 update

I have managed to exercise at least three times each week, except when I have been sick. I have started eating oats daily and drinking low fat milk. I have cut down on sweet and fatty foods and I’ve tried to drink more water.

I have changed my diet and have lost almost 5 kilos in weight. I have also lost cm’s off my waist, hips, thighs and bust.

Changing my diet worked well and I feel it's achievable, however I believe the exercise I did was necessary for my weight loss also.

My daily treat is a no fat, low sugar small tub of yoghurt. That works well when I feel like something nice to eat.

Because of my work hours it has been hard to attend the gym. And lately walking hasn’t really worked for me either, however it has got me thinking that perhaps I need a machine at home I can jump on when it suits me.

Keep going no matter what. Results are achievable