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 Deborah Thomas

Deborah Thomas 

Deborah Thomas is one of Australia’s most successful and experienced magazine editors; including The Australian Women’s Weekly for a decade and editing our most popular women’s magazines for over 18 years.
Deborah is Director - Media, Public Affairs and Brand Development at ACP Magazines.
A regular on radio, Deborah hosts the weekly Health and Wellbeing Show on radio 2GB and 3MTR. She is the only female presenter with her own show on Australia’s No1. commercial station, 2GB. Deborah also has regular spots on TODAY, A Current Affair and 20 to 1.
Deborah has selected the 'Be active every day' goal.
Week 3 update
It’s been a tricky week as I have unfortunately caught a bout of the flu. Previously all had been smooth sailing revving up my workout to include a challenging boot camp – but it’s not too hard to  participate in when the man behind you is cricketing sensation Brett Lee. Although he didn’t get my best side at this event.

Still I have managed to exercise every day, bar the two I had to spend in bed, I just took it slightly easier sticking mainly to walking every day for 30 minutes as well as more incidental exercise such as doing the stairs at work.

Exercise can be hard in winter but I have managed over the past six months to lose about five kilos and I look and feel so much better so I am determined to continue my exercise every day for this month and beyond. I don’t want to undo the good work and results I have already achieved and have to start again. I feel fit and fabulous!