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Kate Lamont 

As one of Western Australia’s most successful chefs, Kate Lamont knows the importance of healthy, high quality food. Kate has more than two decades’ experience in the food and wine industry in WA and is very excited to be involved in the Heart Foundation’s Healthy Heart Challenge as part of the Go Red for Women Campaign.

Kate’s personal motto of "Never, Never, Never, Never Give Up!" is a perfect inspiration for people wanting to take part in the Healthy Heart Challenge. Kate was named as an Industry Icon by Vogue Entertaining, has written bestselling cooking books with sales in excess of 35,000 and has contributed to various books and magazines, including The Weekend Australian, and is an occasional columnist for The West Australian colour magazine. She is a regular guest presenter on ABC Radio.

She is CEO and managing partner in the Lamont’s family business, an integrated food and wine business incorporating grape growing, wine production and sales, which produces more than 8,000 cases per annum. The business also operates restaurants in the Swan Valley, Margaret River, East Perth and Cottesloe.

Kate has represented tourism and hospitality interests in WA and nationally, including current roles as Chairman of Tourism Western Australia’s Board of Commissioners and the Deputy Chairman of the Board of Tourism Australia.
Kate has chosen the 'Be active every day' goal.
Week 3 update
I am really proud of myself with achieving my goal of exercising everyday.  I had aimed to achieve a 75% rate of increasing my exercise. And I have actually achieved about 80%, so I am happy with my achievements thus far.  I have been on the road for 10 of the past 14 days so that has been a great challenge!
I found out that during my double shift waitressing at the Lamont’s Cottesloe restaurant I walked 15,347 steps!!!!

The most challenging and hard aspect of the 10-week challenge is not rewarding myself after my exercise with wine and food!

My friends and family have been really supportive in making it fun and with their wicked sense of humour and I have stayed on track.

I am feeling great in terms of my well being – exercise does that, but sadly no weight loss to date.

Week 9 update
With one week to go I am going to finish off powering like I started and exercise every day!

The Challenge has been as expected and challenged me, it has meant I couldn’t give up when I got really busy. I know they say by now it should be a habit….but I’m not 100% convinced. however I am feeling more energetic and losing some weight, which is a plus. And I feel a lot more informed about the cause.

I am very pleased with what I have achieved and believe I did my best.