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Ali Burton
Ali Burton, co-host of 104.1 Territory FM’s Charlie D Breakfast Show said, "As women, we tend not to think that heart problems are something that we need to worry about. I was shocked to hear that cardiovascular disease is the leading killer of women in Australia."
Ali is a leading NT broadcaster and journalist, in addition to presenting 104.1 Territory FM’s breakfast show, she can be seen on Channel 10’s NT Nomad and writes regularly for various magazines.
"I was keen to get involved with the Healthy Heart Challenge to raise awareness that heart disease is a major issue for women, and let women know that with just a few lifestyle changes can make a big difference to their heart health."
Week 3 update
I have chosen the ‘improve everyday nutrition’ goal and now have a new passion for healthy eating!

Prior to the Healthy Heart Challenge I would make good food choices during the week, but fall off the bandwagon come the weekend. Dinners out, drinks with girlfriends and various functions made it difficult. But I’m learning to make small changes while still having fun. They include increasing my serves of fruit and vegetables on the weekend or opting for healthier horderves when at a party. A trip to the markets for fresh produce is fun and I’ve also started taking my lunch to work, which not only saves on time and money, but ensures I don’t rush off to the shops and make unhealthy choices.

The biggest challenge for me so far has been limiting my alcohol consumption. I enjoy socialising with friends and look forward to drinks on the weekend. My challenge this week is to cut back.

In the meantime, I’m grateful for the ongoing tips and support I’m getting from the Heart Foundation. They help me keep focused and I’ve already tried out a few recipes. The vegetable and chickpea curry is my fav!
Week 6 update

I’m slowly making progress. My biggest challenge though is having healthy food on hand. After a long day at work, the last thing I want to do is go to the supermarket to shop for fresh produce. Then there’s the task of cooking it! So, I’ve made it a priority to plan ahead. This includes utilising recipes from the Heart Foundation website and making enough to freeze in meal size portions.


So far the light chicken curry with rice and the lamb casserole with pumpkin and chickpeas have proved the easiest to make and store. Plus, they’re delicious. I also got carried away and made a giant pot of pumpkin soup.


Planning has certainly eased my frustrations come meal time and I’m not tempted by fast fixes like take away.


My alcohol consumption is still a tad too high though. With so many Dry Season activities on in Darwin at the moment, it’s a challenge. I do enjoy a social drink with friends and will continue to monitor how much I consume. On the up side, I’ve kept active and enjoy daily runs or walks. My Yorkshire terrier keeps me on my toes too.