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Janis McKenna

Accomplished business woman, Janis McKenna is CEO of Carers Tasmania, a registered charity dedicated to improving the lives of family carers living in Tasmania. In 2009, Janis won the Tasmanian Telstra Business Women’s Awards (Community & Government category) and the TCCI Tasmanian Business Leader Awards (Professional Leader of the Year small to medium business category). This year the 57 year old was put on medication for high cholesterol.

"This is a wonderful opportunity not only to promote the importance of a healthy heart to Tasmanian women but to help me continue to enjoy my full and exciting life," she said.

She will be travelling through France for part of the Healthy Heart Challenge and wants to be fit enough keep up with the Tour de France (as a spectator!).

Janis has chosen the 'Be active every day' goal.
Week 3 update

I have found juggling my responsibilities and making time to exercise difficult. It is very hard when one is tired and has little or no spare time. Working with a personal trainer has really helped me keep on track and improve my fitness.

My major achievement so far is doing the regular personal training sessions. This was working well until I got the flu and was unable to work out. I am back on track now.

My advice to other Challengers is to keep at it, if you fail just start over again. Think positive and read the statistics about women and heart disease to use as a motivator.

I’ll be rewarding myself when we go on a trip to Europe in July.
Week 6 update
I have enjoyed taking long brisk walks to keep my commitment to increasing my physical activity and getting fit while I’m overseas following the Tour de France.