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Louise Kirkwood 

Louise is the Fundraising Coordinator for the Heart Foundation and has been a key member of the Tasmanian Heart Foundation team for 15 years.

Working and being a mum to two busy teenagers, Lou finds it difficult to fit her own physical activity into each day.

Lou is taking the opportunity to do the Healthy Heart Challenge to give priority back to her health.

"Each day we raise awareness about women and their risk of heart disease. The Healthy Heart Challenge is the perfect opportunity for me to "walk the talk’ and improve my health," she said.
Louise has chosen the 'Be active every day' goal.

Week 3 update

I found the first two weeks of the Healthy Heart Challenge particularly challenging. Children on school holidays and a very busy work schedule was tiring enough without trying to include more physical activity in my day. But I have persisted.

I have walked Risdon Brook Dam every weekend since I started the Challenge. This is a walk I enjoy as you are in a bush setting and once you start you have to walk the whole 4.4kms, there is no cutting it short.

However, during the week I became a major treadmill fan. It just gives me opportunities to exercise that I otherwise would not have. I can be walking while dinner is cooking or later at night when it is cold, dark or raining. I have no excuse I can still walk. This may not be ideal for everyone but for me it has been so convenient.

It is still challenging to try and fit more exercise in my day but I’m going ok. Not looking forward to next week when school starts again - that will be my real challenge.
Week 6 update
Well the last couple of weeks certainly have been challenging - kids back at school and a busy working life.

I’ve still been able to fit in the Sunday walks around Risdon Brook Dam and am grateful for the treadmill in this very cool weather.