Healthy Heart Challenge
The 2011 Challenge has finished 
Heart disease is the No.1 killer of Australian women. To help raise awareness of women and heart disease, in June 2011 the Heart Foundation launched the Healthy Heart Challenge - a free 10 week program that supported Australian women to make small yet realistic lifestyle changes to improve their heart health.

We would like to acknowledge the 17,000+ participants for taking part in this year’s Challenge and thank those that took the time to complete the post challenge survey;
which will help shape the Challenge in 2012. Of the people surveyed:
  • 82% increased their level of physical activity
  • 60% lost weight
  • 21% lowered high cholesterol
  • 22% lowered high blood pressure
  • 75% now eat two serves of fruit every day
  • 70% eat five serves of veggies every day, and
  • 11% quit smoking.
Why not make this you, next year? The next Challenge is planned to commence in June 2012.
To keep you inspired, check out our new Mums United campaign that is full of exciting resources and tools. Or check out the Heart Foundation website for information on how you can continue to improve your heart health, including some heart healthy recipes to try at home.
The Heart Foundation relies solely on donations and is continually helping Australians to stay motivated, healthy and to improve their heart health.  

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