Healthy Heart Challenge
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  • Increase your incidental activity throughout the day. Sitting for long periods at home, in the car or at work can be harmful to heart health. Break sitting times by standing up every 30 minutes, standing up when talking on the phone or taking the stairs rather than the lift. Find more active ideas here
  • Cook Heart Foundation healthy recipes three times a week and visit the Healthy Eating section of the Heart Foundation website to find out how to read food labels, develop a better understanding of the difference between healthier fats and unhealthy fats and pick up some effective tips for eating a balanced diet
  • A family history of heart disease can increase your own risk so talk to your parents, siblings or other family members, to learn whether heart and blood vessel disease is common in your family
  • Know your numbers – have your blood pressure, cholesterol and blood glucose levels checked by your doctor and keep a record so you can track them over time. If prescribed medication ask your doctor to explain why you are taking it , how it works and for how long you should take it
  • Another activity of your choosing to increase heart knowledge