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Charlie-Helen Robinson 

Affectionately known as "Charlie", she freelances within the Media and Communications industry being accountable for the effective analysis, development and delivery of many business-wide and stakeholder communications, including community engagements for companies. Charlie has worked for state government and local government, not-for-profits and privately owned companies such as ElectraNet, HomewaresDirect, May Brothers, and LinkBridge. She has also helped individuals with personal brand and PR management styles. She is also a strategist and conversationalist. She says: "for some people it is a way to see the world, for others, a way to do business. whatever. lets interact. embrace, celebrate and enjoy the new perspective, different angle and additional benefits online brings."
Her motto "Let's Engage Socially" provides a solid base from which all businesses should consider as their starting point in the social media and networking space, whether this is used to engage staff internally or externally with clients to meet defined objectives. Founding the DeadReds Wine Group, a group committed to unearthing great old wine, satisfies her personal passion for networking and learning social media strategies with fundraising dollars directed to the Heart Foundation SA.
Charlie’s career has spanned project administration, website and content management, media, business development, marketing, PR, library technician roles, claims management and corporate communications. There has always been a strong influence of information and communication management, customer service and project management to achieve business objectives.
Charlie’s personal interests encompass politics, energy, sustainability, community, wine, photography and social media.
Someone once said of her: "Your insistence that all communication should also be art and that good information is well designed has transformed us all. The element missing in the earnest efforts of our UK colleagues is the artful fun you bring to the table…"
Charlie has chosen the 'Be active every day' goal.
Week 3 update
Being humbled to join the Champions raise awareness to women nationally is one thing; living the dream and then introducing changes into daily life is another! It isn’t every day us women consider our own personal health. But it's an important consideration. Working out how I was going to motivate myself was all part of the challenge and fun.
So, I turned to what I know, that is written communications and social media. The twitter # hashtag [1] “#hearttime” has kept me informed of others efforts and through this we have been able to motivate each other. My Facebook friends have also been motivational – checking that I have walked each day.
The Healthy Heart Challenge to me has been a community effort with great support and love.
[1] What’s a Twitter Hashtag:
Definition: The # symbol, called a hashtag, is used to mark keywords or topics in a Tweet. It was created orgiginally by Twitter users as a way to categorize messages.

Week 6 update

Brrrrrrrr. Winter. The full force of our challenge has certainly hit home, hasn’t it. Whilst we can all pontificate on about taking that 30minutes extra a day, actually getting out of the warm bed and into the cold air is …well, challenging!! Each day I find myself tackling yet another excuse (haha) and so I can guarantee my brain is getting a thorough work-over at least… my imagination has been running wild!! I am grateful to have many community members helping motivate and encourage and they have each shared unique ideas.

The Healthy Heart Challenge to me has been a challenging effort in winter!! But I’m hanging in there.