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Event Platform : take the video tour
The simplest and easiest to get a sense of how the etouches event platform can help you to design events, achieve your goals and bring value to your team, partners and clients
  • eReg

    Begin the tour with eReg. It’s the most comprehensive registration and ecommerce tool in the market today.

  • eMarketing

    Create demand for your event with an eMarketing email blast or smart invitation. There’s no limit to the number of emails or invites you can send. Use eMarketing pre and post event. It’s a great marketing tool.

  • eHome

    eHome is a website creator where you can display, market and promote all your event content. Control the look and feel yourself. Just point-and-click to add unlimited tabs, videos and pictures. Even non-techs can do it!

  • eSurvey

    Get surveys to event attendees quickly and easily with eSurvey. Conduct as many surveys as you want—pre and post-event. The number of participants and questions are unlimited. Gauge topic interest, attendee preferences, event satisfaction and more.

  • eProject

    With eProject, you can be confident that all your events will run smoothly. It organizes all tasks efficiently. You can add notes, color-code, run cross-event reports and assign tasks to staff so everyone stays on track and on time.

  • eScheduler

    eScheduler keeps track of all the details so that nothing is forgotten. It ensures all rooms are set up correctly with the right floor plan, A/V equipment, food, and supplies. Need to make a change? eScheduler just rolls it out.

  • eBudget

    Let eBudget streamline complex financial processes for you. It’s a straightforward financial tool to input expenses, track revenue or run cross-event profitability reports against real-time registrant data.

  • eWiki

    Sharing ideas quickly and easily is what eWiki does best. It’s great for communicating internally and with remote employees. It’s creative, efficient and an excellent collaborative tool!

  • eSocial

    eSocial takes the headache out of arranging meetings by automating the process of identifying and matching up delegates before, during and after live events. So everyone walks away feeling like they made valuable connections.

  • eSeating

    With eSeating in place, seating an event is a whole lot easier. Quickly create seating charts for rooms of any size. The drag-and-drop feature allows you to place attendees exactly where you want to seat them.

  • eBooth

    eBooth is a visual exhibition floor plan module that makes it easy to sell booth or table top exhibit space as well as a tool to view participating exhibitors. The module offers complete control over booth sizes and layouts.

  • eMobile

    eMobile is a revolutionary new way to create your own apps. A do-it-yourself mobile app creator that puts the power of mobile right in your hands. Now you can create as many apps as you need without breaking the budget.

  • eScan

    eScan is a great tool for scanning and retrieving attendee and booth guest information. It’s easy to use and small enough to fit on a keychain. Organizers and planners can manage the entire lead retrieval program themselves.

  • eSelect

    eSelect’s flexibility makes it an ideal tool to handle award submissions and speaker selection. Totally configurable, administrators can decide workflow, design selection criteria and slot individuals and sessions directly into the agenda. How’s that for a time-saver!

  • eRFP

    Manage your hotel and travel needs with premier RFP providers worldwide. Through one simple module, you can request venues, rates and rooms from a database of 72,000 hotels and venues worldwide. Job done!

etouches event platform features very advanced functionalities but is also a very easy to use all in one platform designed for your events. With the video tour, you’ll scratch the surface. We bet you’ll get enough to understand what etouches can do for your events. Feel free then to activate a free trial, or schedule a live web demo with our team members
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