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Technology Partners

Technology Partners: your ecosystem
etouches Technology Partner Program is designed to identify and integrate with technology companies that offer complementary products and features. Technology partners are selected based on client demand and innovative product or service offerings that help organizations achieve more with their events. We believe that the etouches event management software platform is rarely stand-alone and we recognize the reality that most organizations need the platform to integrate with pre-existing business and information management systems. We developed our API with this platform-to-platform integration capability in mind. We love technology companies that share this philosophy and wish to join our ecosystem of applications.

(C)Systems: association management software

(C) Systems is the world’s largest reseller of the iMIS association membership system and specializes in the delivery of applications software, web, ecommerce solutions and consulting services targeting the unique needs of not-for-profit organizations.

DoubleDutch: mobile app

DoubleDutch creates branded mobile applications for events, conferences and tradeshows. Designed to engage attendees, open new communication channels for sponsors, and generate more data for organizers, DoubleDutch has won many awards for their innovative technology platform and is the fastest growing event app vendor in the industry.

QuickMobile: mobile app

Delight any audience, any size, anywhere with a mobile event app from QuickMobile. Our seamless, no-touch integration with QuickMobile helps you deliver an unforgettable mobile event app experience, backed by their world leading experience, services and support. Motivate your attendees to learn, connect and have fun with rich content, networking tools and interactive games from the most trusted name in mobile engagement. Check it out!

Topi: mobile app – event social

Topi is the only solution that connects everyone before, during, and after any event—from a small corporate gathering to a large conference or trade show. Built for mobile devices in mind from the start, Topi enables event planners to unlock networking and engagement opportunities for their participants in a matter of minutes. Event content, dynamic agenda, real-time broadcasts, attendee profiles, interest-based group chats, private conversations, audience questions and feedback, full social network integration, and many other unique features increase participants' experience at events.

Silverpop: eMarketing automation

Silverpop’s on-demand digital marketing platform helps marketers succeed in turning prospects into customers—and customers into fans—through the creation, automation and delivery of relevant, multichannel messaging.

Pathable: web and mobile social solution for your event

Pathable combines the finest designers, technologists and social media experts in the industry to provide a complete solution for your events: easy-to-use, engaging and reliable.

Event solutions: conference and venue data management

eventsolutions philosophy is that the productive management of conference, event and venue data regularly requires support and assistance from experts with superior knowledge and skills in the applications utilised. Our client's software is mission critical, so we give our clients the assurance that we will be there when they need us. If you can't rely on us, you won't come back to us; therefore our success depends on our results. We appreciate that you have a choice of service provider. Let us help you: Improve the products and services you offer to your clients, provide your team with the knowledge and support to allow them to work more productively and with less stress and maximise your return on investment.

Ipreo: leading financial interactions

Ipreo is a global leader in providing market intelligence, data, and technology solutions to all participants in the global capital markets, including sell-side banks, publicly traded companies, and buy-side institutions. From new issuance through ongoing investor management, our unique solutions drive connectivity and efficiency throughout all stages of the capital-raising process.

MeetingSelect: venue selection and sourcing

MeetingSelect automates cost and time consuming elements of meeting management. From planning a meeting to sourcing venues—from analysing reports to measuring savings. With the use of the selfbooking tool for meetings and group reservations, meeting planners and purchasers can source hotels and meeting venues worldwide. The venues listed in the tool are reviewed by the corporate market and meeting planners can read or post reviews about any venue in the world

Conferize: conference marketplace

Conferize is an online, social platform for conferences and events, revitalizing events for the digital age and making it easy for professional events to go online and build engaging communities to reach bigger audiences. Through Conferize, discover new events and connect with speakers, sponsors and delegates.

ShowGizmo: mobile app

Mobile event apps for iPhone, Android and .mobi that integrate with etouches. Off the shelf (ready for an event tomorrow!) and with a fresh design that can be customized to suit your brand. Apps include lead qualification, live polls, tickets, messaging, networking, surveys, interactive maps and more.

TapCrowd: mobile app

TapCrowd is Europe's leading provider of mobile apps for your conference and corporate events. Our affordable apps provide social networking and attendee messaging, live voting and Q&A, personal agenda, push notifications, distribution of collateral and papers, unique lead capturing, sponsor visibility, your own branding, etouches integration and much more. Easily manage your app and mobile communication and benefit from personal support.