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Company overview

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events are in our DNA
etouches grew out of an event management services company founded in 1998. With servicing a global customer base, the need for a more software driven approach was growing and the founders decided it was time to focus on these aspects by leveraging both software and industry skills. etouches was designed with event DNA from the event planner’s unique point of view.
With a reputation for exceptional service and high touch, our founders transformed the company from an event services company to a software company. The software solution was a huge success and hasn't stopped growing since 2008.
etouches is delivered through a subscription model coupled with the highest levels of customer care.
Since evolving into a software company, the etouches product line has received multiple awards from both the software and the event industry.
In August 2013, etouches was ready to get to the next stage. Our trusting investors have granted etouches with a round C investment of $6M, and appointed Oni Chukwu as President and CEO to lead etouches to phenomenal growth.
Award winner

  • Growth

  • Customer service

  • Innovation

  • Best event software
Yes we care
We care because we’ve been there: middle of the night printing badges, copying and pasting thirty versions of the registration list, and going for a cup of coffee while trying to get yourself psyched up to wade through dozens of abstract submissions. We know the pain and we know the joy of seeing all of the components of an event come together in that perfect fusion that results in smiles.
Our passion for events comes from our history as an event services company. As we built a global client base we found using spreadsheets, sticky notes, binders, whiteboards and various software tools extremely inefficient and frustrating. etouches was born.
We believe in achieving self-actualization. We believe event professionals want to think, create and explore new ways to educate and connect people. We set out to build etouches to answer the complexity inherent in professional events with a simple solution: one, centralized event management platform that can handle any size or type of event, for all types of organizations.
Bottom line, we set out to automate the total event management lifecycle so that we could kick off our shoes earlier and get to the joy faster!
Product Offerings
etouches is the most comprehensive web-based event software management platform available. Offering two product lines named quad and pro, etouches is based on a multi-tenant, cloud-based architecture using open source technology and delivered as software as a service (SaaS). The multilingual, multi-currency product line includes modules for scheduling, budgeting, registration, seating, appointment setting/networking, venue sourcing, email marketing, surveys, mobile, lead retrieval and event websites.
Service Offerings
A peak of activity? etouches offers Professional Services, from website creation to specific training programs, consulting or advanced set up on your behalf. Our experts can achieve your goals in no time at the most affordable price.
HQ: Norwalk, Connecticut, USA
Reading, United Kingdom
Sydney, Australia
Yes, we are global