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That’s the beauty of SaaS event software: constant improvement that benefits all. Check below for a month by month update of our newest features. Want to know a little bit more about the product updates? Get in touch with our support team!

April 2015

  • gateways - capability for you to implement a payment plan when using the credit card payment type with a live gateway
  • eReg - ability to enable a responsive design to your eReg Module

March 2015

  • API - Enhanced functions for managing eMarketing (lists, emails, scheduling and subscribers.

February 2015

  • Session Level Restrictions – choose hide visibility of certain session types based upon the email address
  • Event Restrictions – enhanced the event restrictions feature to block domains and specific email addresses which can be managed from the account level for multiple events
  • Discount Code Rules – organizers can put discount structures in place without the registrant needing to enter a code
  • eHome – With marketing boxes subscribe to eMarketing list via eHome content type
  • New User Restriction – Block the ability to download/export data from registrant list & custom reports

January 2015

  • Email Address Verification - Send email verification to attendees wishing to register for an event. Attendees will get a link to the registration process via email indicating that the email address has been verified.
  • eSelect V2.0 Enhancement - allows V2 statuses to overlap (Submission, Review etc.)
  • New Module Profile Enhancement - admin check in function allows only the admin check in/admin registration function to be assigned to certain module profiles, allowing for temporary staff to have restricted access.

November 2014

  • Cybersource - integration updates
  • eMobile - enhanced look and feel to pages and icons
  • Boleto - Payment integration

October 2014

  • MemberSuite Integrations - enhancement to Synch Invoices
  • eReg - Passkey integration, Option to override the Passkey Access Code with the attendee discount code, passing the discount code to passkey to control pricing selection
  • eHome - Calendar - New filter setting on Advanced Calendar Filter to allow column sorting / displayed information

August 2014

  • eMobile – Ability to create messages between attendees from the attendee list or message page​
  • eReg – Added Alpha Bank Payment Processor​
  • eReg – Check attendees in via scanning a QR code that can be added to​
  • confirmation, custom emails and confirmation page in eReg​
  • API – ListTransactionTypes​
  • API – ListTaxRegimes​
  • API - ListTransactions​
  • API – GetTransaction​
  • API - ListLineitems​

July 2014

  • eHome – “Sold Out” message on Advanced Calendar
  • eHome – Advanced date filtering on Advanced Calendar
  • eSelect – Create Submission content for eHome
  • eSelect – New controls for Committee Role
  • eSelect – New mergefield for triggered emails

May 2014

  • reporting - HCP report available
  • back end - New invoicing options for line-item taxation
  • eReg - Ability to mass update attendee data via excel/csv upload
  • eReg - VIP check in enhancement ( Customized emails/ SMS alerts to specific locations)
  • eReg - VIP Check in function

April 2014

  • eSelect – Additional sorting for emails
  • eSelect – Hide Submission status from submitter
  • eReg – Attendees can now filter hotels by date

March 2014

  • New Look and Feel, in admin section of etouches
  • eSelect – Ability to charge for eSelect Submissions
  • eSelect – Ability to filter users based on “My profile” Questions
  • eSelect – Ability to validate eSelect applicant/speaker against eReg attendees
  • eReg – Show European date ranges without duplicating year if start and end are in same year
  • eReg – Mobile check in function to pick and choose visible columns
  • eSelect – Ability to set CSV delimiter
  • eSocial – Add a new invitee to an existing meeting
  • eMobile – The ability to show accepted submissions
  • eMobile - moved to pro package at no additional fee
  • eSeating- Filtered by agenda selections
  • eReg - Ability for a tally at the top of the Mobile Check in feature
  • Auto Badge Print – Removed MeadCo & also removing Java Print and replaced with Chrome Kiosk Mode Print

February 2014

  • eReg - Add Submission option to edit selection in eReg
  • eHome - Add max and height parameter for marketing-sponsor box
  • eSelect - Add Search to Public Site, Reviewer, and Submission screen
  • eReg - New Consolidated Attendee/Invite List report

January 2014

  • API - Extended update Event function
  • Cross-Module - Add Merge field support in the report header/footer
  • Integrations - Cielo payment gateway integration
  • eBudget - Support for the Bahrain Dinar
  • eSelect - Multilingual email capacity

December 2013

  • Back End - New Language: Catalan
  • Account Setup - Add support for .ICO file type in image library
  • Cross-Module - Add eVent fields to cross event reports
  • Cross-Module - Cross Event Report Enhancements
  • Other - Easier to way to view how many attendees are Confirmed, Attended, No show, etc across all their events
  • eReg - Add Report Designer: Enable Headers/Footers on Excel/PDFReports
  • eReg - Ability to set visibility of declined records in preloaded data report
  • eMobile - Sponsor capability in eMobile
  • eReg - Ability to split payments between more than one payment type
  • eSocial - Email digests for eSocial personal messages
  • eSelect - User Details, implement the Reviews tab
  • eSelect - Allow uploaded images/files to have forced/standardized file names
  • eSelect - Add ability to skip review due to conflict of interest
  • eSelect - Ability to include all applicants in emails
  • eSelect - Implement "Parent Page" functionality on "Add another page to your site"
  • eMobile - eSurvey for eMobile
  • eSelect - Ability to collapse Submission group in left nav
  • eSelect - Ability to select multiple submissions during unassign users

November 2013

  • Other - Add Vietnamese Translation
  • Integrations - Add ChinaPay gateway
  • eSocial - add an email digest feature to personal messages
  • eReg - Allow ability to split payments between more than one payment type
  • eReg - Add Conditional Questions on single line of text input
  • eReg - Additional fields when multiple records found in PreLoad list
  • eReg - Create merge fields for eReg popups
  • eSelect - Ability to restrict the file types allowed for the File Upload and Image Upload input types
  • eSelect - ablility to limit the number of reviewers who can review a submission
  • eSelect - Add support for upload of xlxs files
  • eSelect - add "Tooltip URL" to input component editors
  • eSelect - Users, User preview, submissions tab, should link to Submission
  • eSelect - Ability to order the Applicant types list
  • eSelect - add "collapse navigation" feature to Stages
  • eSelect - add character counter on textarea inputs
  • eSelect - add new system field to User Profile: CC Email
  • eSelect - add status field to import
  • eSelect - ability to delete any submission in back end
  • eSelect - add "Home" page to left nav in Stages

October 2013

  • API - New API call(s) to update (add/edit/del) records in the various lists
  • API- New API function - createEvent
  • API - Create local badge printing app
  • Other - add CorpoS font
  • Integrations - Add booth number to (C)onnect
  • Integrations - iMIS reg resubmission in back end
  • eReg - Add registrant pricing data to badge editor
  • eReg - Add breakdown by transaction type for credits/charges
  • eReg - Add all speaker fields to session report
  • eSocial - Alter meeting status logic
  • eSocial - automatically reject meetings which overlap with an accepted meeting
  • eSocial - allow meetings to be modified via API
  • API - Add Agenda ""Session heading"" field to getSession() API function
  • eBooth- ability to print floor plan
  • eHome- allow for VERY LONG URLs in eHome
  • eReg- add Session date and start time to Line Item report as available fields
  • eReg- Add, Hotel Report 'deposit' and 'balance outstanding' fields, to Custom Reports
  • eReg- Install badge editor Gravur Condensed font
  • eReg- Clone pre-approval information when cloning an event
  • eReg- Side by side conditional question formatting

September 2013

  • eMobile - Add Settings to App menu dropdown
  • eReg - Add travel "costs" fields to custom report
  • eSelect - allow superscript and subscript tags + codes in text + textarea inputs
  • backend- Updated etouches Login page
  • eMarketing - Extend what is covered when cloning emails: Report views
  • eMobile- ability to view Attendee List
  • eReg - add Mobile Attendee Check In feature

August 2013

  • Account Setup - Add ability to use merge fields in free form text field for gateway transactions
  • Integrations - add 3DS to iveri gateway
  • Integrations - (c)onnect login / registration refactor
  • Integrations - Add Durango Link as Gateway Option
  • API - Add speaker email to getspeaker API
  • eReg - add Session Location as a merge field
  • eReg - Grouping in custom reporting
  • eReg - Admin check in - search reg number
  • eReg - Hotel reporting enhancements
  • eReg - Add hotel reservation fee paid and balance due to rooming list
  • eScan- add address line 2 ereg field to eScan
  • eMobile - add Session Location to Session page display eMobile - add logout button
  • eSurvey - ablility to set quiz scoring to show Result Format without "out of X"
  • eHome - new fonts available
  • Integrations - Add option for US transactions to Moneris gateway
  • Integrations - add 3D Secure for PayPoint (Secpay)
  • Integrations - Add lastname to Iveri reference field
  • eReg - allow Hidden fields to be edited in preloaded data
  • eReg - sort Submissions by Start Time/End Time on Session Editor
  • eReg - add dropdown field type (with conditional) to Session custom fields
  • eHome - add MyriadPro font
  • eMobile - update Splash Page / Dark and Light

July 2013

  • Account Setup - Add ability to use merge fields in free form text field for gateway transactions
  • Integrations - add 3DS to iveri gateway
  • API - Include related speakers in getSession API call
  • API - Add speaker email to getspeaker API
  • eMobile - Draft Preview
  • eMobile - Account Setup Change to eMobile credits
  • eMobile - add Session Location to Session page display
  • eReg - Clear Radio Button Selections
  • eReg - add ability to limit # of session selections, by Session Type
  • eReg - automatically adjust submission times if session time changes
  • eReg - Balance due filter on eReg summary report - report users version
  • eReg - Hotel 'Room Type'
  • eReg - Admin check in - search reg number
  • eReg - grouping in custom reporting
  • eReg - add Session Location as a merge field
  • eSelect - Add ability to edit speaker type on front end
  • eSocial - allow Attendees to add reserved times to their personal schedules
  • eSocial - add a combined Group Schedule content type eSocial - ability to send meeting request emails to the CC email address in recipients attendee record
  • eScan - add address line 2 ereg field to eScan

June 2013

  • Integration - MemberSuite- integration
  • Integrations - MemberSuite - member creation
  • Integrations - MemberSuite - Integration framework
  • Integrations - MemberSuite - historic order creation
  • Integrations - MemberSuite - lookup
  • eReg - add "Payment Type" to Invoice conditional question drop down
  • eReg - Visibilty of "Move registrant data between fields" options
  • eReg - Add parameters to search by created and lastmodified on the searchAttendees API call
  • eReg - add Session Types, and Session Sub-types
  • eSelect - Add second stage review process to eSelect v1
  • eSelect - add Reviewer Progress report
  • eSelect - Add ability to quickly create new profiles from profile list
  • eSelect - mass email on profile + speaker list reports
  • eSelect - ability to save report filters
  • eSelect - add a simple submission print feature
  • eSelect - implement customer API
  • eSelect - allow video file types
  • eMobile - add My Schedule page

May 2013

  • Integration - Commercegate gateway integration
  • Integration - Enhance the Passkey integration so that the landing page can be set to the "Welcome page"
  • eReg -include Event Name in New Transaction Report
  • eReg- Addition of new CSS classes to allow questions to be indented
  • eSelect - create Speaker List report
  • eSelect - ability to link submission to existing session
  • eSelect - ability to add submission data to review form
  • Back end - Remove Client Ability to Change Account Name
  • eHome -Add New Location Field To Optional Visible Agenda Fields in eHome Content Type
  • eSelect - Add Secondary Reference as a column in the Summary report
  • eSelect - Ability to filter the submissions visible in the "my submissions" content type

April 2013

  • Integration - implement the Ctel payment gateway
  • eMobile - Convert eMobile web app to single page web app
  • eReg - Ability to easily view eSelect profile info in eReg
  • eReg - Add Hotel Room Type as available field in reports
  • eReg - Add Roles to Speakers
  • eReg - add search/filter functionality to Session Planner
  • eSelect - Allow submission questions to be imported in import profiles
  • eSelect - Add conditional logic to submission pages
  • eSelect - Enhance eSelect/eReg reporting
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