etouches - event management software
we love our partners
The best events are the culmination of hundreds of details and efficient coordination with a variety of vendors who are specialists in their respective fields. When we were an event services company, we built a global network of extraordinary companies and we've brought that "partner-friendly" viewpoint into our management philosophy now that we're a software technology firm.
Technology Partners: your ecosystem

We believe that the etouches event management software platform is rarely stand-alone and we recognize the reality that most organizations need the platform to integrate with pre-existing business and information management systems.

Resellers: valuing communities

Reseller partners are selected based on their geographic location, ability to serve unique markets and provide top-notch products and services.

Marketing Partners: cross visibility

We are proud to offer a marketing program to support new initiatives and provide inkind exchanges with our partners. Our marketing programs help promote events and causes we're proud to support.

Become A Partner: Apply now

We know that the best results happen when specialists come together. We are proud to offer several partner programs that allow us to more effectively serve the event industry and offer extended choices to our clientele.

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