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Exhibitors and Partners

Rapiscan Systems | AS&E

Rapiscan Systems | AS&E, part of the OSI Systems family of security companies, is an industry leader in X-ray inspection and radiation detection technology, with 50 years of industry expertise and more than 2,000 cargo and vehicle inspection systems sold in over 100 countries. Our mission is to help customers at ports, borders, military, high-threat facilities, and checkpoints around the world to combat trade fraud, terrorism, drug smuggling, and illegal immigration. 


We offer a broad array of scanning system configurations that leverage low-, medium-, and high-energy X-ray technology—or multiple X-ray technologies—and radiation detection technology to address each customer’s unique security application requirements. Our high-energy transmission X-ray technology delivers greater penetration of threats and contraband in dense cargo, producing colorized images that discriminate between organic and metallic materials to facilitate operator analysis. Our signature low-energy Z Backscatter® technology provides photo-like images that reveal organic threats and contraband, including explosives, plastic weapons, and drugs.


We are committed to excellence in performance, innovative design, and uncompromising quality. Our goal is to consistently deliver best-in-class imaging, high reliability, and operator satisfaction, to help our customers find threats and contraband with ease and confidence.

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Rigaku Analytical Devices

Rigaku Analytical Devices is leading with innovation to pioneer a portfolio of handheld spectroscopic analyzers for use in global safety and security industries, such as border security, military operations, and law enforcement. Used for the identification and detection of illegal drugs, explosives, and chemical threats, our rugged family of products includes the Rigaku ResQ and Rigaku ResQ CQL handheld 1064nm Raman analyzers. Both instruments feature an expandable library, simple software, and advanced features – including 4C Technology for automatic threat recipe alerts. Rigaku offers the industry’s most comprehensive chemical identification range in a handheld form.

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CT Strategies


CT Strategies provides strategic services to clients seeking innovative insight, advisory services, and technology applications to address border management, supply chain, and port operations challenges in the U.S. and around the world. Our services are rooted in a deep understanding of international standards, best practices, and the cultural awareness to tailor sustainable and scalable systems to fit our clients’ unique operating context.

The CT Strategies team understands the interconnected security and economic needs of the public and private sector as passengers, cargo, and conveyances move throughout the world. Using our expertise in government and customs relations, we facilitate the connections between people, businesses, and government that bring forth new opportunities and fosters growth for all parties involved. Our team consists of former government and private sector officials who have dedicated their careers to dissecting the complicated world of trade and travel administration. There is no one size fits all solution in the work that we do. We believe that effective solutions are tailored solutions, so we make the business personal.

We prioritize the good of our clients, taking the time to get to know their distinctive situation and accurately understand the problems they are facing. Our breadth of trade-related subject matter expertise enables us to scale solutions based on our clients' needs and available resources. We provide clarity around complex subjects so that our clients can make profitable decisions with confidence and peace of mind. With our mission at the forefront of our work, we do not believe in cutting corners. We do business with the highest degree of integrity, ensuring mutual prosperity for all parties involved.






MIC – one world, one solution, one mission

MIC is the worldwide leading provider of global customs and trade compliance software solutions. More than 800 customers, in 55+ countries, on six continents, use MIC customs and trade compliance software. We specialize in the integration of global customs and trade compliance systems based on specific corporate structures and consider regional and national legal requirements. We ensure efficient customs operations and compliance within the legal frameworks. 1 GTM Source System with 1 GTM Compliance Database, 1 Graphical User Interface, and 1 consistent Service Organisation – worldwide. We provide our customers with a high-quality, user-friendly suite of web-based software products which are subject to continuous enhancements and developments. We have established MIC as a global standard for quality in our area of expertise. For us, it is fundamental that all our activities are fair, faithful, sustainable and in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. MIC is the only privately owned and financially independent global software vendor in the international customs and trade compliance arena with one single IT platform. This allows us to be flexible and quick, powering us to a considerable competitive advantage in these continuously changing, fast-paced and dynamic times.

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From the very beginning of company’s establishment, we are seeking innovation and proficiency in non-intrusive inspection technology application. We are experts with 15+ years practical knowledge in smuggling detection and x-ray scanner operation. Lithuanian company INTA has pioneered ground-breaking new training programs to teach vital scanning and detection skills that strengthen border security and help fight illegal trade. Criminals are becoming increasingly creative in smuggling illegal goods. Still remains a difficult task to protect borders effectively.  New technologies are emerging but they are rendered useless if the humans operating them are not sufficiently trained. In order to increase border control efficiency without sacrificing security we are providing worldwide leading training solution (Standard Test Container, STC) for x-ray cargo scanners image analysis and threat objects recognition. The training was designed to enhance the skills of every image analyst, making them proficient in image workstation software tools as well as in techniques for image interpretation and threat detection. During the training customs officials understand overarching security trends affecting inspection processes and learn to perform   image analysis effectively and efficiently (including for weapons, narcotics, currency, contraband, undeclared goods, and other items of interest).

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UNI-PASS reaches out globally as a professional customs solution provider

UNI-PASS is Korea's e-clearance and single window system developed by the Korea Customs Service with the purpose of ensuring an efficient customs border protection while providing a convenient trade environment to its stakeholders. The system began operational 45 years ago and has been through major changes to adapt to the rapid advances in technology. Currently in its 4th generation, UNI-PASS is a fully automated system that secures national revenue through accurate and fair taxation on import and export cargo, maintains international trade order by controlling smuggling activities and illegal foreign exchange transactions, and supports domestic industries through swift and convenient clearance and FTA business management.

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As a global leader in analytical laboratory technologies, Agilent provides trusted answers to our customers’ most critical questions and challenges. Leveraging more than 50 years of laboratory, clinical, and enterprise level expertise, we produce advanced instruments, software and consumables, supported by teams of highly skilled and knowledgeable people. We combine all that to provide the most comprehensive solutions available today. Solutions that produce the most accurate and reliable results as well as optimal scientific, economic, and operational outcomes. Solutions that help customers in food, pharma, environment, energy, chemical, forensics, academic research and clinical fields.


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LIMUR sp. z o.o. in general, delivers GPS monitoring. We are a group of people with vast experience in loss prevention, transport security and logistics. We work with numerous engineers that develop our hardware, adjusting it to harsh environment of usage. We hire a team of programmers and developers – the Limur tracking platform is developed completely internally, it is vivid, constantly changes and evolves. In 2018, in cooperation with the Polish Customs Authorities, we launched a solution that involved the electronic security seal used as an official customs seal. The project was made to measure, consisted of both hardware and software and reflected the process that is very specific to Custom Authorities. The biggest advantages of the solution are digitalization of the customs control process, real time alerts of any tampering with custom seals and clear allocation of responsibility among customs personnel. As a result, the Authorities knowthe current location and status of the seal, they also know who, when and whare applied and removed the security seal.

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908 Devices

908 Devices is democratizing laboratory mass spectrometry with its simple handheld and desktop devices, addressing critical-to-life applications.  The Company’s devices are used at the point-of-need to interrogate unknown and invisible materials and provide quick, actionable answers to directly address some of the most critical problems in life sciences research, bioprocessing, pharma / biopharma, forensics and adjacent markets. The Company is headquartered in the heart of Boston, where it conducts research, designs and manufactures innovative products that bring together the power of mass spectrometry, microfluidic separations, software automation, and machine learning.

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Red Flag Cargo

Security For 20+ years, Red Flag Cargo Security Systems (RF) methodically develops specialized software, hardware and physical security seals for high-risk security corridors to detect anomalies and to protect and prevent supply chain incursions. Red Flag’s robust STM software suite works with all RF tamper evident mechanical seals, electronic seals and intelligent BRX barrier seals to monitor, track, filter, and provide a detailed ledger of activity.  RF STM operates on desktop operating systems, IOS, and Android. STM is used to manage and secure cargo, synchronize attached seals to the STM, manage seal inventory, cargo inspections, log user activity, and provide post incident root-cause analysis with geo, temporal and photo evidence. RF LXR and Duplexseal are high-security tamper-resistant seals that are ISO 17712 2013 certified as high-security seals and 3rd party tested for tamper evidences by Dayton T. Brown against all attack methods. RF smart BRX barrier seal can physically protect and lock/unlock container doors via geofencing, predictive analytics / via secured/encrypted IOS/Android application, back-office user or authorized command center.  RF BRX uses various modules and sensors alongside external data to protect and anticipate anomalies. RF continues to make the world tamper evident, securing and eliminating food and agriculture contamination during transit, and stopping human trafficking alongside cargo

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AEB software supports the global trade and logistics processes of businesses in the industrial, commercial, and service sectors. More than 5,500 customers are using AEB solutions in 80 countries for shipping, transport and warehouse management, customs clearance, import and export management, sanctions list screening, and export controls. AEB’s portfolio extends from ready-to-go software products from the cloud to a tailored but highly adaptive logistics platform. With the automation of customs declarations, embargo checks, shipping and billing processes and the IT integration of partners in the supply chain, AEB brings greater transparency, efficiency, cost reductions, and legal protection to supply chain management as a whole. AEB solutions also make companies more flexible and increase their capabilities to react. AEB has more than 500 employees worldwide. The software company has its head office and on-site data centers in Germany and international offices in the United Kingdom, Singapore, Switzerland, Sweden, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, and the United States.

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Strategy Object

Strategy Object is an international trade technology partner that empowers governments to create and optimise digital applications and processes. We run SOClass, one of the most powerful and secure Java frameworks used to build e-government applications around the world, trusted by over 80 governments. With the SO Marketplace now available, developers, companies and governments from all over the world can quickly and easily collaborate on the creation, testing, and distribution of cutting-edge apps for use in the digital modernisation of trade.

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Gerlach - More than 140 years’ experience in customs services

Gerlach is the leading neutral customs service provider in Europe. With a comprehensive range of services we take care of global customs issues so that you can focus on your core business. With our network of 170 offices in 27 countries and more than 1000 customs experts, we cover the entire range of customs services from import, export and transit customs clearance to complex customs solutions, supply chain and consultancy services. Gerlach has the right solution for your specific customs challenges Companies doing international business are confronted with a multitude of challenges such as: complex chain of processes related to logistics, customs clearance in multiple countries, uncertainty about costs of VAT, excise duties and Intrastat declarations. Our skilled and experienced specialists are at your side with knowledge that goes beyond standard customs procedures. Based on our extensive knowledge in customs related subjects, we can help you optimize your processes.

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CLS, a subsidiary of CNES (Centre National d’Etudes Spatiales, the French Space Agency) (34%) and CNP (66%), is an international company that has been a pioneer in providing Earth observation and monitoring solutions since 1986. Its vision is to design and deploy innovative solutions to understand, protect and sustainably manage our planet's resources. CLS employs 900 people at its headquarters in Toulouse and at 33 other sites around the world.

The company operates in 5 strategic business areas:

  • sustainable fisheries management,
  • environmental monitoring & climate,
  • maritime safety,
  • fleet management,
  • energies & infrastructures.

The company provides satellite services based on location and environmental data collection (100,000 beacons are processed each month, drifting buoys, beacons equipping animals, fishing fleets or commercial fleets…), observation of oceans and continental waters (more than 20 instruments on board satellites provide CLS with daily information on the world's seas and oceans), and monitoring of land and maritime activities (nearly 20,000 radar and optical images and several hundred hours of drone flights are processed and analyzed each year). All-in-one answers for maritime domain awareness: Advanced maritime intelligence technologies to enable demanding decisions for both public and private industries. The best of data coupled with AI, the expertise of satellite earth observation and drones.

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SilentBorder is an EU funded project developing the future of cargo non-intrusive inspections equipment with the incorporation of cosmic ray technology. SilentBorder is developing a new and safe method for cargo compliance evaluation based on natural cosmic rays and will evaluate the benefits with respect to conventional X-ray methods. Specifically aimed to address the issues with conventional scanning technologies to provide an improved alternative to the inherent technological shortcomings and provide a tomographic, elemental sensitive material classification system. The project aims to significantly improve the detection of illegal goods, including drugs, explosives, weapons, hidden tobacco and alcohol products as well heavily shielded or masked nuclear material. The consortium leading this exciting project consists of research institutions, corporate and customs organisations. All carefully selected on the basis of the required skills and resources necessary for the successful execution of the project. Partners include: Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt, The University of Sheffield, Université Catholique De Louvain, University of Tartu, Société Générale De Surveillance SA, Costruzioni Apparecchiature Elettroniche Nucleari Caen Spa, GScan, Tulli Customs (Finland), Directorate General of Customs Enforcement, Ministry of Trade of Turkey and Estonian Tax and Customs Board.

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We are SGS. We are recognized as the global benchmark for quality and integrity. Our 96,000 employees operate a network of 2,700 offices and laboratories, working together to enable a better, safer and more interconnected world. Wherever you are, whatever your industry, our experts worldwide provide specialized solutions to make your business faster, simpler and more efficient. Our purpose is to enable a better, safer and more interconnected world. How do we do this? We enable a better world by helping businesses everywhere to work efficiently, to deliver with quality, and to trade with integrity and trust. We enable a safer world by ensuring that your car is safe to drive, that the environment you work in is secure and clean, and that the food you eat is safe. We enable a more interconnected world through our use of leading class technology and innovative services such as those provided by SGS D-TECT Universal scanning solution.

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Gaston Schul

Who are we?

Gaston Schul is a leading edge, independent, European based, full-service, customs and trade provider, with a trusted global agent network. With over 350 customs professionals and advisors across 19 locations within the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Norway, and the United Kingdom, we focus on efficiency, customer satisfaction, and our customers’ needs to build long lasting partnerships.

Why Us?

With a heritage dating back to 1845, our experienced squads have the passion, knowledge, and IT solutions to navigate the complexities of the customs world and provide our customers with the right level of visibility, control, and certainty in customs matters. Being a full-service customs provider, we can support you with all your customs and trade requirements varying from the execution of import, export, & transit declarations, to providing tax representation. In addition, we offer access to our self-service Export Portal, bespoke customs training and consultancy services. Looking for a Control Tower or bespoke IT solution to digitalise and orchestrate your customs flow? We can do that too.

Our Goal?

To leverage our knowhow and innovative IT solutions to become your full service, knowledgeable partner for all your customs and trade matters across Europe. #WeAreGastonSchul

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Do your business systems understand and communicate WCO data language? And you and your team? Whether YES or NO, join us for a demo of the WCO Data Model with GEFEG.FX software.

GEFEG delivers the WCO Data Model in collaboration with the World Customs Organization to public and private sectors involved in cross-border trade. Find the best solution for your requirements: Maybe GEFEG.FX with the WCO Data Model Customization Package, which supports compliant localizations and customizations of the WCO Data Model. And it helps you to reduce the implementation cost of customs and single window projects.

GEFEG's overall objectives: to support organizations and businesses seeking greater consistency, interoperability and quality of metadata while complying with international eStandards. Our products and solutions include GEFEG.FX with built-in collaboration capabilities, GEFEG.Portal validation platform, key e-Business standards, consulting services, and GEFEG's new API capabilities.

Three-quarters of the G20 countries have used the GEFEG.FX with WCO Data Model package. Other customs authorities such as Canada, Germany, Honduras, the Netherlands, Oman, New Zealand, Thailand, South Africa and Sweden also use the WCO Data Model with GEFEG.FX to specify their semantic customs metadata and profiles. Last but not least: The WCO Data Model is developed and maintained by the World Customs Organization with GEFEG.FX.


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The Faculty of Law at Maastricht University

The Faculty of Law at Maastricht University is a top-quality provider of challenging and rewarding Dutch and European legal education at bachelor’s, master’s and PhD-level. A true pioneer in small-scale teaching and teaching of skills aimed at a broad range of future legal professionals. The clear focus in research on European and international aspects of the law, Law and tech, and the empirical setting in which the law operates, provides an exceptionally stimulating environment for both students and staff. The Faculty greatly values its open, diverse and inclusive community that makes it a pleasant and rewarding place to work and study. The UM Faculty of Law offers a wide range of bachelor's and master's programmes. Would you like to know more about our programmes? Visit our website for more information on the courses, career perspectives and admission requirements of our programmes.

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EFS, Erasmus University


EFS, Erasmus University Rotterdam is a partnership between the tax departments of the Erasmus  University Rotterdam’s Schools of Law and Economics. EFS has been a leading education and research institute on the impact of international and European law on taxation and customs for over 30 years. Its work covers indirect taxes, including VAT and customs duties, and also direct taxes, with a focus on individual, corporate and source taxation in a European and international context.

EFS is the only institute in this field to offer a post-master in EU customs law (PMC) in English. The programme introduces you to the Union Customs Code and provides detailed and up-to-date  knowledge on general issues within EU customs law, as well as in-depth training in strategic and  business issues in customs.


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Centre for Customs &Excise Studies- CCES

CCES is the world's leading provider of training, education and research in the highly specialised areas of customs, excise and border management. Our international leadership role has been acknowledged by the World Customs Organization (WCO) with whom we have a formal Memorandum of Understanding, and from whom we received a Certificate of Recognition for our continuing support of international customs research and development. CCES at Charles Sturt University also provides the Secretariat for the International Network of Customs Universities and, in association with the University of Münster, Germany, publishes the World Customs Journal, the world's leading journal dedicated to customs matters. Our programs have been formally recognised by the WCO as meeting the requirements of the WCO Professional Standards, and are continually updated through our ongoing research activities to reflect contemporary and emerging issues. A key strength of our programs is our global network of experts, which is expanding to keep pace with the high level of demand in this emerging area of academic pursuit. Our student base includes customs, other government agencies, international organisations, companies and individuals in over 180 countries.

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NEXYTE, Cognyte’s decision intelligence platform, helps government and enterprise organizations accelerate data-driven decision making. The platform automatically fuses and analyzes data sources of all types to provide a rich, cohesive view, and democratizes the power of data science and machine learning to enable both technical and non-technical users to reach previously unattainable insights. NEXYTE empowers analysts to rapidly assess risks, conduct investigations, mitigate threats, boost revenue collection, and optimize resources across multiple disciplines and use cases, including counter-terror, organized crime, financial crime, cybercrime and customs, all in one platform.  NEXYTE- EVERY DECISION COUNTS.

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Windward is the leading maritime AI company, providing an all-in-one platform for all your maritime domain awareness and risk management needs. With real-time insights into vessel behavior, ownership structure, cargo, and containers, we help the world’s leading intelligence professionals streamline maritime risk.

By leveraging our domain expertise and deep learning algorithms, we are able to go beyond connecting static data points and provide context behind maritime and non-maritime entities, to best mitigate risk from a variety of aspects - security, compliance and safety.

With customized risk profiles and actionable predictive insights, Windward enables its partners to enhance strategic operations, focus resources on emerging threats and identify maritime risks before they even happen. Windward’s insights can be directly integrated into existing workflows and systems through our API Insights Lab, or accessed via an intuitive online tool.

Windward’s holistic approach allows entities with border protection and national security responsibilities to quickly complete all investigation and assessment processes, critical to developing and executing more confident intelligence-based strategic decisions.

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The Publications & Data Solutions department

The Publications & Data Solutions department is responsible for the dissemination of the WCO content such as the Harmonized System. The content is available both online on our database platform www.wcotradetools.org; that offers a single point of access to the HS, Rules of Origin and Customs Valuation and offline, you can purchase the printed publications on our e-commerce Bookshop www.wcoomdpublications.org. In parallel, the department also developed new IT services such as an API (Application Programming Interface) to promote the access to the HS content. The API enables the integration of the HS content present on our platform within an external system, meaning your own personal system. You can send queries directly in your system to load the latest HS content on your screen.

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CATTS is an international customs and trade compliance services company. We are focused on supporting clients through a variety of in-house solutions, including customs operations support, consulting, and technology. CATTS has the goal to operate flexibly and aligned with your needs by adapting our service offerings and seeking innovative opportunities to meet your global trade requirements. CATTS has an extensive global network of customs and trade compliance specialists andconsultants. Our team exists of more than 100 individuals who are active in 50 countries, support customers in 15 different languages and have access to knowledge and content from 152 countries. Our customers choose us as their single global partner for all customs and trade compliance needs. We may support you with managing your customs broker network, operating your global trade management platform, product classification, customs filing support, trade content provision, compliance consultancy, and more.

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Maastricht Convention Bureau


Maastricht is perhaps best known for being the place where the Treaty on European Union was signed, back in 1992. But there is definitely much more to this city which promotes knowledge like no other. Today, Maastricht has become a magnet to international and European associations, thanks to a multitude of international organizations and educational institutes in many areas of endeavours. This beautiful city, located right in the heart of Europe, has been chosen by the Dutch Customs Administration as the host city for this conference. The combination of the historic city with the Burgundian lifestyle, the international character, the wide range of restaurants and hotels and the renewed conference facilities of the MECC was decisive. As the official convention bureau of the Maastricht region, the Maastricht Convention Bureau has been closely involved in the preparations.

Frank Heijmann, Head of Trade Relations Customs Netherlands and member of the project team:  ‘This region has a strong conference community that walks the extra mile to ensure maximum impact of the WCO conference. The highly innovative and international character of the region makes this a great location for the type of conference that we as Dutch Customs Administration want to put on for our international colleagues.’

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Deloitte Global Trade Advisory


In a world impacted by constantly changing regulatory requirements, a structured, reliable and efficient approach to global trade management has become increasingly important to many global trade stakeholders. For global trade operators it's important to understand, manage and monitor the impact of global import and export regulations applicable to their business.

Deloitte's Global Trade Advisory specialists around the world help businesses establish an international business strategy designed to manage costs and global trade regulatory requirements while leveraging innovative technology solutions. Our global trade solution architects help design, implement and operate the latest trade solutions to allow global trade operators manage compliance risks; enable customs; minimize trade costs; automate and streamline trade compliance and management activities. We support our clients on cleansing and maintenance of global trade related master data (e.g. classification), global trade sanctions and import / export controls management, customs and excise management (incl. self-filing and broker integration), special customs procedures (incl. inventory reporting), as well as origin and trade preference management.


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GATE Specialties


GATE Specialties is supplier of a wide range of detection and identification products used by Police, Customs, Fire Departments and Defense forces. These products can be used to detect and identify unknown chemicals and substances. In the fields of CBRN, Narcotics, Explosives or Chemical Weapons.

GATE Specialties is exclusive distributor for several innovative companies. Such as; DetectaChem, Pendar Technologies, 908 Devices and GreyScan Australia.

DetectaChem (Houston, TX - USA ) is manufacturer of explosives and drug detection tests on the Smartphone platform; MobileDetect.

Pendar Technologies (Cambridge, MA - USA) is manufacturer of Breakthrough, standoff (up to 2m), Handheld Raman chemical identification.

908 Devices (Boston, MA - USA) manufacturer of the first and only true handheld Mass Spectrometer for trace detection of hazardous substances in gases, vapors, solids and liquids and aerosols.

GreyScan (Melbourne, Australia) introduces the ETD-100, the world's first mobile CZE platform for detecting inorganic explosives.

We strive to deliver the worlds most innovative products!


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Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University (RSM)


With its mission to be a force for positive change in the world, Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University (RSM) has firmly established its reputation over 50 years as one of Europe’s most international and innovative business schools.

RSM’s primary focus is on developing business leaders with international careers who can become a force for positive change by carrying their innovative mindset into a sustainable future. Our first-class portfolio of bachelor, master, MBA, PhD and executive programmes encourage people to become critical, creative, caring and collaborative thinkers and doers.

We are looking forward to meeting you at our booth to talk about the Master in Customs and Supply Chain compliance, which might be the right programme for you!


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WCO Academy description for TechConference


In 2017 the WCO agreed to take a new step in offering online capacity building to the private sector and academia by giving the green light to the launch of the WCO Academy, private sector’s point of access to the expertise of the World Customs Organization. Ever since that, the aim has been to upskill private sector to speak the same language like Customs and make that way private-public cooperation more effective and efficient.

Staff of companies dealing with Customs, consultants, lawyers, students, Customs Brokers and other international trade professionals have shown their strong interest to receive training directly from the WCO. Providing an adequate access to the knowledge about the WCO tools and instruments and their proper use to the private sector is an entire part of the Organization's objectives of capacity building to enhance private-public cooperation, facilitate trade and support the implementation of the WCO standards. Moreover, the dissemination of information and knowledge related to WCO standards, tools and instruments to a wider audience is an important initiative to support their implementation at global scale. What adds even more value to this initiative is that it benefits also small and medium companies that normally have no means to secure advice or services from professional experts on Customs matters.

WCO Academy was launched on May 1st 2018. Around four thousand users have registered in WCO Academy during the first four years. Also, our learners come from over 60 different countries from all six WCO regions.


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Every challenge is an opportunity to leap forward


The goal of digital transformation is not change as such, it's to become increasingly adaptive to your unpredictable surroundings. AE’s mission is to get you in shape and enable you to keep moving in line with your goals.  Together we transform challenges into added value. Together we turn organisations into adaptive organisms.

With AE at your side, you can build on 20+ years of experience and 370 highly talented experts.  Our broad digital expertise ranges from business alignment consulting, over change management and

architecture to IT and software engineering, data and quality assurance.

Adore4customs: an AI-powered assistant for the customs industry

For the customs industry, AE has developed Adore4customs, an AI powered solution to help customs agents speed up the declaration process: its powerful algorithms analyze unstructured data and prepare a pre-filled customs proposal, which can be seamlessly published to the customs declarations tool of your choice.

How can we at AE streamline your processes?

Adore4customs is an essential part of our continued efforts to enable organizations through document hyperautomation, a business-driven approach that organizations can use to rapidly identify, vet and automate as many business and IT processes as possible. AE acts as an enabler for these projects by orchestrating the use of multiple competencies such as UX, applied AI, platforms, and more. Get in touch at www.ae.be to discuss how our 370 digital experts can help you speed up your processes.


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Altana has created a Trusted Network Platform (the Altana Atlas). We have set out to connect and learn from the world’s supply chain data - including public and non-public data - in order to build a shared source of truth. Our Altana Atlas platform renders billions of data points into a living network model of the global supply chain that can power a range of software applications in functions across the enterprise, from procurement, to logistics, to compliance, to risk management, and beyond.

On top of the Atlas, Altana delivers the "Trusted Shipment" product used by customs authorities, global logistics providers, and shippers worldwide to facilitate trusted trade.

This product supports the automation and facilitation of cross-border shipment processing by 1) identifying the sender and receiver in the Atlas, understanding who they are, what products they buy and sell, where they operate, and to whom they are connected, 2) identifying what is “inside the box,” automatically assigning HS classifications to shipments, or auditing existing classifications and 3) providing customs officials with a “trust” score, identifying whether the shipment is normal, compliant, and trustworthy, or whether it is likely to be deemed risky or found non-compliant by a customs authority.


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The University of Lausanne/UNIL


The University of Lausanne is a higher teaching and research institution composed of seven faculties with approximately 17,100 students and about 4,400 research, teaching and technical staff.

Its research activities focus on three main themes: human and social sciences, life sciences and medicine, and environmental sciences.

UNIL lays great store by the quality and innovation of its teaching. This is characterised by a highly interdisciplinary approach which is even reflected in the organisation of its faculties.


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National Committee of Trade Facilitation of the Netherlands


The National Committee of Trade Facilitation of the Netherlands or the NCTF (Overleg Douane Bedrijfsleven or ODB) consists of the Customs Administration of the Netherlands and representatives of the business sector. The NCTF members have wideranging discussions on issues which relate to the movement of goods which cross the external border of the European Union. Equality and mutual transparency form the basis of the dialogue. The parties become aware of their respective responsibilities, interests and wishes and where possible, they coordinate these. In this way, together, the parties seek the best possible balance between enforcement and trade facilitation. Further to the close cooperation between Customs and the business sector, the NCTF has the status of the National Committee on Trade Facilitation for the government of the Netherlands. As a result, depending on the items on the agenda, several representatives of other government bodies join the consultations.

This way of cooperation is unique in the world. The members of the NCTF are happy to inform you more in detail about it at the NCTF-booth at the WCO  Technology Conference and Exhibition.

Via the internet links in this app more information about the NCTF of the Netherlands is available.


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Collaborative digital services for real-time data exchanges: eCMR TransFollow

Recognized as the standard for eCMR (digital consignment note), the TransFollow Datahub continuous development and engagement towards interoperability enables compliance and smooth data exchange between platforms.

Get your environment instantly connected to TransFollow Datahub and start real-time exchange of information such as proof of deliveries with your partners and your customers, efficiently, digitally and transparently. TransFollow makes your operations faster, simpler and more efficient by providing a set of digital services that allows all stakeholders to exchange information smoothly and work better, closer together.

TransFollow bridges the gap

TransFollow acts as the missing link within fragmented environments. Harmonising procedures and looking beyond regulatory or IT challenges, we make day to day operations more cohesive to allow all stakeholders to get more out of data.

Beurtvaartadres is the proud distributor and implementation partner in the Netherlands.


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MACCS is a public-private partnership that has been appointed by the Government of Mauritius to build and manage the Cargo Community System (CCS) and has been incorporated in January 2008. MACCS operates the CCS system to secure and facilitate trade operations in Mauritius.

MACCS has also been able to cater for some major local needs such as an increased Sea Port Security to maintain the image of the country where business is both secure and reliable, a reduced dwell time for cargo at imports and exports, the reduction of logistics costs for all stakeholders whilst improving productivity and the image of Mauritius viewed as THE HUB in this part of the region.

Today, MACCS has embarked in the development of various Trade related solutions other than CCS which includes E-Bunkering, Warehousing Systems, Maritime Single Window, WTO TFA Projects and other software solutions for our stakeholders as defined in its portfolio of services.


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Learn & Be Inspired

The WCO Technology exhibition will showcase the most  cutting-edge technologies and developments from more than 50 exhibitors. The conference will benefit from R&D presentations from academic institutes, in-depth discussions, the latests 
developments and innovations in the use of data and algorithms and unveiling the potential of blockchain for Customs.


Amazing Location

Maastricht is a dream setting place and cradle of hospitality. With an extensive culinary and cultural offering, it is also a city with rich history. It offers every visitor the welcome opportunity to enjoy a pleasant, relaxed moment, even outside the walls of MECC Maastricht.


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Perfect place to look for answers, to be inspired and to build sustainable relationships. Attend our inspirational talks with professionals from different fields, and engage in captivating conversations with like-minded souls, or simply enjoy a wholesome dose of useful knowledge sharing.


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