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Welcome in the Netherlands, Welcome in  Maastricht

Experience the city

Visiting Maastricht is an experience that you take with you, that you share, and use to inspire others. The city is divided into different districts, each with its own unique character and charm.

Check the website of Visit Maastricht for more information.

For the guest of our conference there is a nice social program to discover the city and the area.


You can feel it by the city wall, over the cobblestones – which we call ‘kinderköpkes– and, over the St Servatius Bridge... Maastricht’s history!

Maastricht was not built in a day. As you walk through Maastricht, you are sure to experience its welcoming vibes and the sights and sounds of the city. You also get an immediate sense of its rich history. To this day, you can still see the beautiful city walls, old buildings, and characteristic cobblestones. Did you know that Maastricht used to be a Roman settlement? They were early to recognize the benefits of living close to the water. 

Learn more about the History of Maastricht on the website of Visit Maastricht

Food and drinks

Where better to enjoy good food and drinks than in Maastricht? The city lives and breathes the traditional Limburg spirit of relishing all the good things in life; it’s in our blood. This means that Maastricht’s culinary entrepreneurs love to pull out all the stops – whether you settle down in a traditional pub or dine at a starred restaurant.

Find some nice places to eat or drink on the website of Visit Maastricht

Learn & Be Inspired

The WCO Technology exhibition will showcase the most  cutting-edge technologies and developments from more than 50 exhibitors. The conference will benefit from R&D presentations from academic institutes, in-depth discussions, the latests 
developments and innovations in the use of data and algorithms and unveiling the potential of blockchain for Customs.


Amazing Location

Maastricht is a dream setting place and cradle of hospitality. With an extensive culinary and cultural offering, it is also a city with rich history. It offers every visitor the welcome opportunity to enjoy a pleasant, relaxed moment, even outside the walls of MECC Maastricht.


Share & Connect

Perfect place to look for answers, to be inspired and to build sustainable relationships. Attend our inspirational talks with professionals from different fields, and engage in captivating conversations with like-minded souls, or simply enjoy a wholesome dose of useful knowledge sharing.


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