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Maastricht Exhibition & Congress Centre/MECC

Venue Information

The Maastricht Exhibition & Congress Centre is the ideal meeting place at the heart of Europe. With a history stretching back some 2000 years, the Romans, Spaniards, French and Germans have all left their mark in Maastricht. The result is a cultural melting pot with its own uniquely exuberant personality - a place where everyone will feel at home. You can leterally feel the city's rich history all around you, in its magnificent buildings, beautiful squares and ancient churches.

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Forum 100, 6229 GV Maastricht, Nederland

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Learn & Be Inspired

The WCO Technology exhibition will showcase the most  cutting-edge technologies and developments from more than 50 exhibitors. The conference will benefit from R&D presentations from academic institutes, in-depth discussions, the latests 
developments and innovations in the use of data and algorithms and unveiling the potential of blockchain for Customs.


Amazing Location

Maastricht is a dream setting place and cradle of hospitality. With an extensive culinary and cultural offering, it is also a city with rich history. It offers every visitor the welcome opportunity to enjoy a pleasant, relaxed moment, even outside the walls of MECC Maastricht.


Share & Connect

Perfect place to look for answers, to be inspired and to build sustainable relationships. Attend our inspirational talks with professionals from different fields, and engage in captivating conversations with like-minded souls, or simply enjoy a wholesome dose of useful knowledge sharing.


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